Restylane Under Eyes for Tired Eyes/dark Circles

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I had deep dark circles under my eyes and was...

I had deep dark circles under my eyes and was tired of everyone asking me if I was tired (especially my mother-in-law).  I am considering eye surgery but can't find a surgeon who can give me a straight answer on what to do about lower lids (without creating a bigger mess) so I finally went to a p.s. and had him inject restylane under eyes.

I was a bit apprehensive as I've read about the complications, but I'm very happy I had the injections.  The dr used numbing cream and the pain was minimal (I seem to have a high tolerance for needles in my face...:-) After 2 weeks I'm still a bit bruised (I bruise very easily) even after taking Arnica etc, but I'm finally starting to see the result (the swelling didn't help) and I'm very pleased.  I think this took at least 5 years off my face and I feel very refreshed.

You do have to be patient to see the results but several people have said to me 'you look really good' lately without knowing what I did (that's when the bruises are covered by makeup!) and so I think it was well worth the money and time.  I did have just one lump which the p.s. basically just flattened out with his finger after 2 weeks.... I will still do upper eyes but would consider using this technique for lower without surgery.... I just hope it lasts a while as the downtime is not fun. Make sure you don't have any pressing work or social functions for a few days to a week if you bruise easily.

I have used restylane in my lips and always been happy with the results and so I also had a bit of restylane injected in jowl area to smooth this line out and it worked really well too.  I guess I'm a walking restylane advertisement...

Highland Park Facial Plastic Surgeon

He's a minimalist, doesn't over-recommend solutions and was very exact with the injections, took a lot of time and was quite gentle.

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