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Hey guys. I'm starting a new blog. I have my...

Hey guys. I'm starting a new blog. I have my surgery in 5 days. I'm getting a breast augmentation, lipo, fat transfer to my hips, and a tummy tuck...which by the way I wanted for 8 years now. I'm excited and nervous. I can't sleep at night.

I'm excited because I need my old body back and yet I feel selfish for putting myself at risk since I have 3 wonderful daughters and a supportive husband. I'll be under for about 5-6 hours. Never have been under so I'm scared crapless LOL.

I will be keeping updates regularly after my surgery which is 9-16 and I will definitely post pics... I think I may even do the video diaries which are very popular recently!

Please anyone tell me about your anesthesia experience for right now I'm more concerned about that than post surgery!

Ok so I am wondering. I stay the first 24 hours at...

Ok so I am wondering. I stay the first 24 hours at a surgical center. And the nurse told me to bring stuff to quick question am I gonna be with it enough to do things? She suggested books and movies. I don't see how in the heck I'm gonna be reading a book. Weirds me out I thought I'd be knocked out by pain meds..

Ok ladies and gentlemen....2 more days. Tonight I...

Ok ladies and gentlemen....2 more days. Tonight I have Zumba then tomorrow is all preperation. I'm very excited I talked to a few people who've went "under" and they say easy breezy. That thats actually the best part! Well, this is my first surgery ever and the first time ever going under. My husband will be there and I'm ready to start recovery so I can feel my self esteem return and feel like my stomach isn't a parasite living on my body!

Surgery tomorrow!

surgery tomorrow!

Ok guys..Surgerys tomorrow. Let me say I am a...

Ok guys..Surgerys tomorrow. Let me say I am a whirlwind of emotional craziness. I pray everything goes smoothly. I went to eat lunch with the hubby cause I know I won't be able to get out and about on my own for a little bit. But tonite I think I'll do a really really light dinner...maybe soup. Does that sound that a good idea? I'm thinking something light will help me in the morning not be bloated.

Today is the day of surgery! I have to be there at...

Today is the day of surgery! I have to be there at 945 it feels like its not real or something. Although, My anxiety overwhelmed my ambien and ambien only lasted 3 hours last night and I am exhausted because I couldn't sleep. I'll update as soon as I can!

Its 2 days post surgery and i am swollen. This is...

Its 2 days post surgery and i am swollen. This is the worst pain ive ever gone thru but i think its more the fat transfer and the muscle tightening. I can see a difference already though even with swelling. I just wish i could fast forward about 2 weeks to see my results. I think its a little discouraging because the swelling but i will be positive and keep on truckin!!!

Hey guys! I'm having an additional surgery...

Hey guys! I'm having an additional surgery tomorrow to remove a hematoma that formed after the tummy tuck. Dr B said its a in and out procedure. So I am ready to get done so I can be back on the road to healing. If anyone is thinking of surgery this website is the best. I have found some great girls to keep me going through this new journey. I will say this is very trying and one of the hardest things I've had to do even if it is elective...but I have my eye on the prize and these girls have kept me positive. I made the mistake of thinking that after 2 weeks of surgery I was gonna be driving myself to the mall going on this shopping spree. I am lucky if I can walk down my hall without hunching over lol. But I will do what i can and keep on truckin!

I had my hematoma surgery...and it was successful!...

I had my hematoma surgery...and it was successful! Dr B was awesome by the way. And I feel sooo much better. Dr B said that it'll be sooo rare if another hematoma forms. So please please pray that I will not be the exception. I can already tell the difference on my stomach with all the fluid and blood gone. I have a follow up tomorrow so lets hope for great results.

Hey guys...wanted to update and ask a question...

Hey guys...wanted to update and ask a question also. Everyday is different. This past weekend was great I actually went out and bought myself a cardigan and it fit so great could of never pulled it off before (it was a fitted cardigan ;) ) Todays a little different...this morning I sneezed and felt and heard a POP in my abdomen. I did call the Dr and they said its probably scar tissue. But I am a compulsive worrier guys...I seem to think negative when it comes to myself and have been crying all day thinking my sutures have unraveled and now my tummy tuck is ruined. I have talked to 2 girls I keep in touch with on the website who said the same thing has happened to them and it was totally fine. So if anyone has input Please comment...the more that I hear that its common and was fine the better I feel. I have cried only once since my girls have emailed me back LOL. This surgery has definitely put my emotions to the test and so far they have failed! LOL.

Another Update! Today I feel pretty good. I will...

Another Update! Today I feel pretty good. I will post a pic tonite but it'll be with my clothes on..sorry. I'm very shy about showing my body. But its a huge difference. I will try to post b4 pics but I don't have very many. Today is the best I've felt I am 3 weeks and 4 days post op. I been able to stand up straighter than I have and haven't gotten so worn out that I'm laying on the bed for the majority of the day. I actually took the kids to city bites by myself and I haven't done anything without my husband when the kids are involved. But I return to work this Saturday and am very dr allowed only 4 hour shifts for the next 2 weeks and I really think by 6 weeks I'll be 99%! So...the point of my update...ladies if you are looking into the surgery please allow about 6 weeks to recover. I took 4 weeks off and thought that 2 would be recovery and 2 would be vacation HA I was wrong!!! This has been a rough recovery. But I now will say its worth it. I wasn't sure when I was in pain but I'm happy I did it. I feel like I'm myself and not constantly worried that my stomach is hanging out and people think I'm pregnant. I will say that I never went through post partum depression but I did hit a point of depression after the surgery it lasted about a week. And it was no joke. Not everyone goes through the depression but when I was reading on it before surgery I thought not me that won't happen to me I've never been depressed and I've wanted this for so long why would I get depressed??? Well never say never!

New Pix!

New Pix!

2 years post op

Hey guys! Its been so long! It has been 2 years post op! Everything is great and has been the best decision for myself. I feel better it has made me become healthier! Thanks to real self for carrying me through this. Kimmers!!!! Miss you girl you made a huge difference for me!
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Hes so awesome! He personally called me to check on why I was on antibiotics before the surgery. I can't even get my family doctor to call me!

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