Non-surgical Nose Job Using Radiesse for Building a Nose Bridge

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Pros: It REALLY WORKS if your looking to build a...

Pros: It REALLY WORKS if your looking to build a bridge for your nose (e.g. such as Asians who have a flat bridge like me). It also works well if your looking to fix the nose tip by making it pointier. I loved how it looked right away and after the swelling and redness went down. No one noticed that I had anything done to my nose but did compliment me and asked if I had changed my make-up or if I was using a new skincare product. When wearing my glasses or even my big trendy sunglasses, the rims of the glasses nolonger sat on my cheeks! That was a big PLUS!! The procedure took more like 20-25minutes (from the topical cream and icing before the injection to finishing the injection). Pain was very mild during the procedure... but then again, I have a pretty high pain tolerance. I am definitely going to get it done again A.S.A.P!! I highly recommend Radiesse as a non-surgical alternative to those who are candidates.

Cons: About 5-10 minutes after the procedure, my nose was swollen and red and by the time I got home it showed signs of bruising. Although I iced my nose (15 min. on/ 15 min. off) throughout the day and the next, it still was pretty bruised. Swelling went down and the bruises dissipated after 3-4 days. But the area where my nose was injected (along the bridge) became dry and began to peel like a sunburn. After the scab peeled off, my nose was slightly pink and continued to stay that way for the next 4-5 months. I used bareminerals mineral concealer with SPF15 to hide the pink and it worked fine. I think I may have iced my nose too much which caused my nose to dry up and get freeze-burned?*

Although all the internet sites and other plastic surgeons say that Radiesse lasts about 1 year to 1 1/2 years, mine seems to be closer to 5 1/2 months. I noticed that it was starting to dissipate after 4 months and it has slowly gradually continued to flatten... and now it's back to my old no-bridge nose. Why I did it... - I've always wanted to have a taller nose with a bridge but could never afford it, plus I was too scared to go under the knife. This seemed like a better alternative. I also wanted to be able to wear my glasses with out the rims constantly sitting on my cheeks and creating crease lines.

I had a non-surgical nose job using Radiesse about 5 1/2 months ago and now it has dissipated completely. Why has it disappeared so quickly? Isn't supposed to last a 1 year to 1 1/2 years? I'm asian and decided that this was a great way to build a bridge and I loved the outcome! Right after the procedure, my nose was bruised and red... after about 24 hrs the area where the Radiesse was injected ( the whole bridge of my nose), scabbed. After 3-4 days, the swelling went away but I was left with a slightly pink area where the scab was... Other than that, I loved the results! But after 5 1/2 months, it has completely disappeared and is back to it's old flat self. What would you recommend so that i'll have a better experience with less bruising and no scabbing. I did ice it afterwards (15 min. on 15 min. off) and I wonder if that could have caused my nose to scab?? possibly to much coldness? Any recommendations and or suggestions would be greatly appreciated before my next appointment to get it redone. ( Portland, Oregon)
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He really works with you and has a great eye for not just the science (procedures, types of materials, after care) but also the ART ( e.g. What looks the best for your build/structure, How to make you look like a better version of you).

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