My Breast Lift - 47 Y/o, Breasts Grew from 34B to 40D on HRT

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I was 47 yrs. old when my size 34B breasts began...

I was 47 yrs. old when my size 34B breasts began to grow due to hormone replacement therapy (HRT). They grew until I found myself an ungainly 40D, losing their shape and sagging down to my stomach. Blouses gaped, I felt and looked sloppy no matter what size I bought, and my self esteem plummeted along with my chest.

I realized that breast lifts leave scars, but I was at a point where the rashes underneath my breasts, the indentations from heavily constructed bras and the feeling that I looked at least 20 yrs. older than I actually was, made it an easy decision.

There was pain during the first days of recovery, but I never took so much as a Tylenol. My scars have faded over the last 2 yrs. and I have never looked back. I requested that my cup size be reduced to a B, which it was during a simultaneous liposuction of the breast. My nipples were lifted, the shape of my breasts regained (without the use of implants) and I am one SATISFIED patient.

I have recommended the surgery to others and some have gone ahead with it, returning with the same upbeat sentiments that I experienced. I would do it again in a heartbeat. An added plus: I don't have to wear a bra under most garments.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

I had seen Dr. M on Extreme Makeover. Out of all the plastic surgeons featured on these programs, I felt his approach to the problems I was encountering was the most realistic and the least drastic. He, unlike the others, did not push other procedures. He seemed much more down to earth, concerned about the patient's individual needs rather than promoting the "Beverly Hills" image. When I met him in person, I knew I had chosen the right doctor. He was warm, caring and genuine. His staff was, as well. They couldn't do enough for me and I felt that I mattered as a person, not just another 'customer.' I felt so good about Dr. M and his staff that I subsequently returned for another pro- cedure and will see him soon to correct a badly botched nose job. I recommend him because he's a skilled surgeon and a concerned doctor. He stands way above the others I have met and used in the past.

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