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I'm now 8 weeks post op and feeling good..My...

I'm now 8 weeks post op and feeling good..My doctor stated i still have quite a bit of swelling in my lower abdomen area and pubis area but i can tell that within the 2 week time my stomach is getting flatter and flatter..the only thing i would recomend avoiding is alcohol and salty food. Everytime I take a drink which it is just for social drinking the next day I feel that I am more swollen..At this point I am able to kickbox, do jumping jacks, lift light weights for toning, step aerobics and the best right now is spinning class. I am close to my pre-surgery workouts,except I would still fill the tightness of the muscles in my upper abdomen and when I do start feeling very tight I slow myself down. At this point I am not getting any keloid on my incisions, but to prevent that my doctor recomended the massaging with aloe vera. I also was reading something about silicone sheets, so i ordered that from and have been using it for 5 days. My tummy tuck scars dont look bad at all, it is very thin. I will continue to post newer pictures..

I'm 12 weeks post op now and feeling really...

I'm 12 weeks post op now and feeling really good. I am able to do more weights now,but still recovering from my breast lift,breast revision. I can tell that my swelling in the upper abdomen is going down quite a bit, lower abdomen still is swollen, I am still wearing my abdominal binder because it helps with the swelling, and at night the scar massage help me quite a bit. So far so good, I cant' wait until next summer:)

I'm 6 weeks post Tummy Tuck and started aerobics classes at 5 weeks. Is cardio kickboxing going to hurt the tightening of my abdominal muscles?

After having 2 kids I gained 65 to 70 lbs each...

After having 2 kids I gained 65 to 70 lbs each pregnancy, but lost my weigh through working out and watching what i eat. I've been working out continuously for 2 years and is in really good shape. I'm 5'1 weighed between 112-114lbs, I was always getting frustrated because I worked out so hard watch what I ate and my stomach was still flabby,stretched,had stretched marks. I turned 30 this year and my husband supported me on getting tummy tuck.

I am 3 weeks out of surgery and I am slowly seeing the result, I know it will take time. I've had up and downs throughout this 3 weeks. I am hoping that all the swelling will come down soon. My plastic surgeon was able to get rid of most of my stretch marks, not all because my stretch marks went way above my belly button,actually I still have quite a bit. I'm ok with the scar being hip to hip, i just hope that it will heal good and dont have keloid, also the other concern is the belly button,hope that it will not turn out to be a bad scar.

Now I am two years post op,still loving my results...

Now I am two years post op,still loving my results. I am maintaining my figure by continuing to workout and watching what I eat.

4 years post op

I'm 4years post op and I do not regret that I did my mommy make over. I'm very active, the best shape I've ever been. I continue to live an active lifestyle.
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

I believe that he is the best, I work in the health care field and have seen his work, he follows you closely after surgery, very conservative but that is what makes him the best.

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