Loose Skin After 2 Kids - Tummy Tuck Was the Best Thing I Ever Did

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After two kids (now 21 and 16), my stomach had a...

After two kids (now 21 and 16), my stomach had a lot of loose skin at the bottom and my belly button flopped over at the top from a hernia. After years of wanting to do this and much research on this site and lots more research to find a good doctor, I decided to go forward with the surgery. Best thing I ever did! The pain was completely manageable.

I had surgery on a Thursday (don't remember much from that day), don't remember much of Friday (I slept a lot), but by Saturday I was miserable with itching, broke out in hives from an allergic reaction to the pain medicine. I had the pain pump, which didn't cause any problems, but it was empty by Saturday. No problem, took lots of Benadryl and stopped taking pain meds. I was fine without them. Yes, there was some discomfort, but the pay off was so worth it. I had my drain removed on the Monday following surgery and started feeling tons better.

By the time I had my 1 week appointment to get my belly button stitches out, I felt great and spent the rest of the afternoon shopping for new clothes (no joke). Attended an all day work function the next day (Friday) and was back to work full time the following Monday. All together, I took off Thursday(day of surgery) and Friday (2 days) and worked from home part time the next week and was back at work full time the following week. I have a desk job, but my husband and I are taking nice long (flat) walks in the evening (no hills allowed yet). I should mention that I don't drink or smoke and that despite the photos, I was actually in pretty good physical shape (I'm 43).

Important things to consider: MOST IMPORTANT find a good doctor!! Looking and reading this website you can see all the things that can go wrong. This is a major surgery. The most major surgery I have ever undergone. However, if you take care of yourself, you will bounce back and be fine and look great! NUMBER TWO wear your compression garments 24/7. It just so happens that Seattle had RECORD BREAKING heat wave the week after my surgery. It was misery wearing a full body compression garment - I did it anyway! And 11 days post surgery, I am still wearing it around the clock and will continue to do so for a month. Sucks during summer. Also, sucks when we are out on our boat and everyone is in a bathing suit and I'm not - but wait till next summer - I'll get even then ;>)

Seriously, please take good care of yourself before and after and find a good doctor, those are my best recommendations.

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