Loose Skin Around Mouth After Juvederm in Lips - Philadelphia, PA

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I recently had juvederm done in the lips. It...

I recently had juvederm done in the lips. It looked good for about 2 days until the initial swelling went down and I noticed loose skin on the sides of my lips (I'll call them lip jowls). They form a severe line and cover the end of my smile like a flap. No clue where this skin came from - I've always had thin, flat features and tight skin below my cheeks. From the side view I now look 10 years older!

Its not like the lips are even big, but she did have to build out the upper lip. I'm thinking because I had such flat lips and features, that building out the upper lip may have been too much for my thin face and pulled skin out and down. I went back for some corrections for this, and again it looked great until the initial swelling went down. Now I see nothing but the flaps and new marionette lines that form on each side when I smile because of excess skin.

Im 38 and always passed for 30. Now I look much older. I cant go to my 20 year reunion looking like this. I cant see my boyfriend. I basically have shut myself in from everyone so they cant see me. I literally have scotch taped my cheeks back so I dont have to see it when I look in the mirror!

 today.. 2 days after my initial post I have...

 today.. 2 days after my initial post I have the same mouth pouches and when I smile I look like the joker.  In addition a new problem has been forming that I notice at night (when my face volume is lower) Im getting deep trenches next to my nose... like juvederm has pulled my cheeks down and away from my nose. I never had that before!  Im going to a plastic surgeon today to see if he can remove this hell from my face, but I think the saggy skin may be permanent.

Is this common and how would you correct this?...

Is this common and how would you correct this? More filler? Titan or Thermage? I wish it were as easy as scotch tape. Is it possible to be swollen after 3 weeks or can Juvederm really pull your whole face down??

Dr Seema Patel, MD

She has destroyed my mouth and my beautiful smile by injecting in all the wrong places around my mouth. I used to have a great smile I could be proud of, now just mouth jowels. My lips are horribly uneven and smile is like a clown. For the first few months I could barely even smile wide. At 9 months, I can now smile wider but the jowels and joker curl are no better. I've had one plastic surgeon offer to do a case study. Two others just tell me this is a "horrible" result. Yes it is. And it doesn't end.

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