Liposuction Worth It, So Far, on Problem Areas (2415c Removed)

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I had liposuction/liposculpture of my upper and...

I had liposuction/liposculpture of my upper and lower abdomen, hips, love handles, inner thighs, outer thighs, and knees on Wednesday May 27, 2009. So far I can see a dramatic difference in my stomach, hips, and love handles, which were my main problem areas that bothered me the most.

I had 2415cc taken out which is equivalent to 15lbs. My doctor pushed the limit which is suppose to be 13lbs. I went back to work on Wednesday June 3, 2009. My job is farely sedentary but unfortunately I had so much taken out that the fluid build up was alot and my legs swelled like a balloon all the way down to my feet. I did take the medicine which is suppose to help with swelling and bruising after surgery, but I still swelled up more than any other patient they have seen. I should not have gone back to work that early. Because of the extent of the swelling I was put on bed rest for 48 hours. I have the regular garment on and then each leg is wrapped in an ace bandage. I have to lay with my legs propped on 3 pillows and only get up for now more than 10min every hour. I also had to get another antibiotic for something I developed called cellulitis? It made the inner thighs hot, have a red rash, and painful.

Today (Sunday June 7,2009) is the last day of bed rest and the swelling has gone down significantly, the antiobiotic is working, and I am feeling alot better. So all in all, these little problems have still not deterred me, because when i look in the mirror, I am so exited at the difference I see in how I look, and it has only been 11 days. I still say it is worth it by far. I will try and round up some picture and post updates as I progress throught the weeks/months.

So today is Sunday June 21, and im not really...

So today is Sunday June 21, and im not really having issues with the intense swelling anymore, but I am still swollen and im impatient because I dont look how i want to yet but i know that i need to be patient. I am also strarting to get bumps around my stomach so i have to schedule a lumphatic drainage massage.  I got the okay to start to work out so I will have to see what happens with the swelling when i start working out. I still have the weird cellulitis thing, but the antibiotic worked and it is slowly but surely going away.  So now it just a matter of waiting and wishing and working out. Still dont have pictures. My doctor said he wants to wait till my swelling goes down to compare pictures before and after. So once I get them i will for sure post pics. Thanks!

East Brunswick Plastic Surgeon

I recommend my doctor because he is more knowledgable than any other doctor I went to for a consultation. He has an amazing background of experience. The list of his experience goes on an on. He has learned and practiced all over the U.S. as well as in Europe. He is polite and courteous about your needs and wants and expectations. He really likes his job and wants to make you look good. I also love the variety of different options that are available to you for procedures. Especially within th liposuction/tummy tuck category. There are many new procedures I didnt see in any other office I visited. I also cannot say enough great things about his staff. They are so nice and make you feel so comfortable. They help with any and every aspect of the process. I even had one woman offer to get my prescription for me. They are all awesome!

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