Juvederm in Right Cheek - Wanted to Feel Good About Myself.

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I am 49 and am starting to look old , wanted to...

I am 49 and am starting to look old , wanted to look young again. so decided to have some treatments to make me feel good about myself.

I had a dermal roller done 6 weeks a go then had a juvederm put in to my right cheek a week later. i had to do a lot of rubbing to get the bumps out and i did but now i have noticed under my eye is swallen and it looks like i have a puffy eye. this was a month ago now and it still hasn't gone down and its making me feel deprested as i am not use to this.

i will not go out as i think every body is looking at my eye.


Updated Oct. 30, 2009

Had juvedederm in my cheeks and just under the eye's .I had a few bumps in my right cheek and just under my right eye so i spent hour or so trying to smoth then out the next day i noticed that i had swelling under my right and is very puffy. i left it for a month then went back to see my dermatologist he suggested a small amount of Hyaluronidase under the eye which was done 3 weeks ago i went back so see him and it haden't gone like he expected to but had gone done a tiny bit and the best thing to do would be to let it repair on it own as the odema swelling can take sometime to repair under the eye. How long will this take as i feel a mess and it makes me look older now . it has been a month on since i had the Hyaluronidaze and its still really puffy. Why has this happened ? did i rub my face to much to get the bumps out and have caused the odema to swell my eye where fine till i had Juvedern. will i ever get my eye back to normal again? Please please help as this has mad me very depressed and now i hide my face and try not to look in the mirror any more.

My face was looking hollow and ageing to decided to have dermal fillers to make me feel better about myself.

Now i can't even look at myself because the puffy eye make's me look older than before. I hate my puffy eye.

will it be like this for every have i damaged the bottom eyelid myself?
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yes i do she tried to help me with good results apart from my eye.

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