Juverderm & Botox - Sagging Skin, Volume Loss, Tear Troughs & Droopy Eyebrows

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I had problems with sagging skin, loss of volume...

I had problems with sagging skin, loss of volume to my cheek area , tear troughs and droopy eyebrows. I have tried many procedures like Fraxel laser and other non invasive procedures promising to tighten and lift and have not seen drastic changes. With Juverderm I saw instant results and I am very happy.

I have had 3 visits and it concerns me when I hear nightmare stories on here. My doctor a plastic surgeon recommended a great Qualified Injector. She firstly discussed the entire process with me. We put a plan together about what I wanted done and what my expectations were.

On the next visit we targeted eyebrow-lift first. I held a mirror through the process and was able to see what was being done all the time.She kept asking if I was happy with the amount of Juverderm she was putting in. We again discussed best options for where the botox could be placed. There was more Juverderm left in the syringe and after disussing it she placed it in one furrow on the side of my mouth. I didn't mind that only one side was only done. She told me to come back in three weeks to assess what we had done and to fill in cheeks and other areas we had discussed.

After the procedure I could see instant results. You have to be patient there is bumps and a little swelling and bruising ( but can be covered up with make up). It feels weird and you can feel the filler but I actually went out on the same night. After a week the filler softens and the area smooths out and fills up. You can't feel the filler anymore. It's there but softer.

I just went back a week ago and got the other side of my mouth and filler put into my cheeks. I am very happy with the results and everyday my cheeks are looking smoother and fuller. People have started to comment on how fresh face I looked. My brows have lifted and although I did not expect a miracle they are much higher now and the botox browlift has been strategically placed and targeting the correct muscles. ( I have had botox before to do this but it was not placed correctly or not enough not sure - but didn't look worse just didn't work at the time).

I think sometimes we are too hasty to form an opinion instead of waiting it out to see what he actual results are. I think it is important to find someone to trust and not be afraid to speak up. After reading the stories here I too became a little hesitant . I have now gone back and read some and realised a lot are written only a week after the procedure or sometime less than a week. Juverderm smooths out and looks better after almost 2 or 3 weeks, my experience has been pleasant and I love the results I really hope this helps you with your decision about Juvederm.

Linda Shrek

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