I Have a Lump on the Side of my Nose After Rhinoplasty... and It Doesn't Look Straight

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Painful at first but as each day passes it seems...

Painful at first but as each day passes it seems to be worth it. I am just worried about the lump on the side of my nose which is why im here asking.

Pros: the way it WILL look :)
cons: the pain of removal of packing

i did it as i was having breathing problems and my nose was crooked after it being broken 3 times.


Updated Nov 30, 2009

Hi i posted a question in early august and after seeing my surgeon AGAIN i have still had no success. I had septoplasty 8 months ago for a deviated septum and to improve breathing. As soon as the cast came off (after 6 days) i noticed a small pea sized hard lump on my nose. Scared of playing around with it i left it. Its now 10 months on and will still no clear indication from my gp or surgeon what the lump is i was hoping for some advice. The lump it self is on the left side of my nose (the way the deviation is facing) and is on the bridge. It actually feels like the nose has not set straight and i can feel the top of the nasal bone? But after reading plenty of questions and peoples situations i have not got a clue any more i can upload photos if nessessary? Thanks Alex

Hi i had closed rhinoplasty four months ago and have been very patient in waiting for results. But as the swelling has been going down i have noticed that there is a lump that feels like bone on the side of my nose just below the bridge. If i grasp it with to fingers it moves quite freely and makes a slight clicking sound. I am waiting to see my surgeon (1 month away now) to see what he says. But to me it looks like the bone is healing to the side? If i tape my nose as if im trying to set it straight the lump goes, but after an hour of removing the tape the lump comes back. Is there any way of telling if its bone or swelling? I also noticed my nose was swollen more on the side the lump is on. I saw my gp recently and he spoke about a quick op were the surgeon basically just "clicks" the nose across to make it set straight any ideas what this is called? Im not expecting the be all and end all answer im just curious if its normal and your opinion regards Alex
Dr. Chaisa

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