Full Tummy Tuck W/o Lipo - Memphis, TN

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I had a tummy tuck after having two large babies...

I had a tummy tuck after having two large babies via c-section. I had three consultations with plastic surgeons and ultimately picked my Drs.

They are both wonderfully caring doctors ,and I would recommend them without reservation. I think the biggest different from them and the other doctors that I met with is that you pay for them and they actually provide your care. Your visits are with them and if you have a question or concern they return your call. In other practices, there is a layer between you and the surgeon (namely a nurse or a PA).

I was 118lbs at the time of the tummy tuck. My separation of the abdomen was 6 fingers. It created a baby like bulge while standing and was a mush lump of wrinkled skin while laying down. During an average week, three people would ask me when was the baby due. This was fine two-months after the baby but after six months it because annoying abut nine-months it was unbearable.

I had my tummy tuck four weeks ago and I am very happy. The pain was less than my C-sections. I stopped taking the prescribed medication after 5 days and then took tylenol for 2 days. After 7 days, I didn't take any pain medication.

After one week, one drain was taken out. The remaining drain was taken out after two weeks. The removal of the drains didn't hurt at all. I took a deep breath and then they were out. I am walking completely straight right now. I have to admit that the drains were a pain. I am very happy to be free of them.

Now, I can wear my regular clothes again. Two weeks after the tummy tuck. I went to Target and I had diapers on the conveyor built and the woman scanning the items said who are the diapers for and I said my daughter and she said wow you don't look you have had a baby you don't have a tummy. I just smiled! I never thought I'd look like I never had a baby.

5 years after surgery still very happy

Experienced, professional, and wonderful.

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