Deep Plane Lift,mid Coapt Lift, Lower Blep ,long Road Recovery

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While on a short vacation in Santa barbara I was...

While on a short vacation in Santa barbara I was interseted in having thermage, my friends recommended Dr K being an excellent surgeon.My first talks were with his assistant as he was in LA working his other office, she advised me that thermage is very temp and didnt recommend.But thought a mini lift would work for me and with the time frame I had as I was flying back to Australia a week later.I meet with Dr K that evening on his return and he also thought he could do alot for me, but I was under the understanding that it was minor surgery and to be performed with local anaesthetic in his surgery.I proceeded with the mini face lift and lower blep the next day with 5 days to recover enought to fly for 24 hours in transit.When the proceedure was complete after many many hours later Dr K had really given me my moneys worth as all the girls kept telling me and I came out with a deep plane lift, mid coapt cheek lift and lower blep WHOW!!!It was also agreed that for the following 5 days I spend 1 hour per day in a hyperbaric chamber ( pressured 02 therapy)which was fantastic and I feel hepled my healing tramaticly @$100 per session was worth it.Like everyone else I looked like a mummy and was very scared.Next day drains came out my stitches were dissolving as I couldnt return.You definatly need someone to help with cleaning stitches and so much more, I didnt have anyone until I got back home to my husband ( who was blown away and very shocked).The day I was leaving I saw Dr K in the morning and put in a drain on my jaw as there was fluid, I returned that afternoon and he asked if I could stay another week which of course I couldnt, so removed the drain and sent me on my way as I was leaving for LAX an hour later.Ice packed and slept elevate while in SB. The pain wasnt to bad but drinking through a straw for weeks.Hense the trip was a very long one with many people staring, I fell into my husbands arms at the airport.As for returning to work 2 weeks after forget that,I am a hairdresser and it was at least 4 weeks till I could work, I was waering the face compresser for about 5 weeks all the time day and night,it was my security blanket.I had to tell my clients that I hit the dash of a car on holiday and my chin was cut and very bruised face.August 5th was the date my jaw looks good with still a little fluid but was told the body will reabsorb,my neck is still very tight and uncomfortable which will be months away to feel normal.One year as I have read.My cheeks have been and are the biggest concern, they are so very sore to touch. Has anyone else had the coapt method?A paddle pop with a disk and spikes is inserted to your own cheek fat, mine was there my mouth to my temples so had stithes in my mouth. One side is higher than the other but was told that it will settle.My temples are rock hard as are my cheeks, because of the tight cheeks I couldnt smile properly (chipmunk)but that is getting better.I still have bruising and redness on my neck (looks like a love bite)and my eyelids are still red at the end of the day.A green concealer will cover reddness and I have been applying bio oil to all my scares along with massage as it's all suppose to help.You cant even see the stitching around the front of my ears they have done a great job.I am 49 and had never even been to hospital except to have a baby so this was major for me.I think Dr K is very good at his job and has an excellent reputation in the field, but please dont think it's a walk in the park because it's not,not so much the pain or uncomfort but the long road to recover and you are constantly told let your body heal it's self and give it time.....I cant comment on the follow up as I am home now, but have emailed a few times because I was scared it all wasnt going as it should be.I send photo's and am told "Give it time"Sleep elevated as long as you can, I still use my small round travel pillow because I can position it to keep my cheeks off the other pillows.Wear face mask as long as you can.Avoid alcohol.When stitches have healed start with repair oil and massage.Keep finger nails short because harder to judge when everythings numb.
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