Breast Reduction - 5'7, 130 Pounds, 30HH to Full C/small D

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My insurance was willing to cover the breast...

My insurance was willing to cover the breast reduction surgery, so it made my decision that much easier. I'm 5'7 and 130 pounds and my breast size was 30HH. Now I am down to a full C, small D. I love it!

I had a breast reduction May 19, 2009 and my doctor told me that he used dissolvable stitches. I assumed that by now being almost 8 weeks out that the clear stitches he used would have already dissolved. I have several that are visible outside of the skin and one spot that is really red. It almost looks like how a pimple looks but it’s irritated and hurts because its embedded weird in my skin.

Today I went to see my doctor and he removed the painful stitch and it felt much better. Now I noticed the pain is back again and I can feel another stitch in the same spot he removed it from earlier. It is kind of buried in the skin and in order to remove it you have to stick tweezers into the pimple looking wound. What do I do to make them dissolve?

Warrenville Plastic Surgeon

I researched him before hand and all of his credentials were absolutely phenomenal. The appointment I made to have a consultation with him was great and I felt like he is the one that I trust my body to.

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