My New Smile - I Am Amazed at the Results

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I am amazed at what a perfect smile looks like . I...

I am amazed at what a perfect smile looks like . I t has been 3 days since I had my Veneers Placed and Im amazed . My dentist is AMAZING and I was shocked to see her change my smile in 2 visits!

I didnt have "a terrible smile " but I didnt have a great one either . I had what they called an upside down smile and I never really used it . I wasnt that consious of it until i actually wanted to use it and then i would notice things i didnt like about it . To me i looked like my brother not a bad thing but no girl wants to look like a boy .. I never smile with my teeth in pictures so getting my smile perfect has been a goal and a dream of mine .

When i went in to the dentist we went over everything and then we decided what EACH tooth would look like .. My next visit we filled in any cavitys removed any silver and I had the temporarys put on ..The pain was minimal but what suprised me the most was seeing a perfectly shaped smile in a week i will have them made permanant i already know the changes i want made to them i realised i dont want a perfect perfect smile i want some personality to mine so im gonna change the shape on a couple of the teeth and shorten the front two a lil more even before there permanant they are beautiful and it even changed my facial features below my nose my lips look fuller as well ..

I will say eating is akward for me since i was used to flat short teeth and i had grinded them down for years and my teeth are grinding at night now that they have been built up to the right length so i will be needing to wear a mouth guard now but for the first time i know when i smile i dont have to wonder what it looks like i simply know its mine and its perfect . My pain was mild only the first day but that was do to the back teeth being worked on and cavitys being fixed as well as crowns ..

My dentist made the experince very comforting and easy she assured me we would get the right smile for me and to let her know what I liked or didnt like .

I recomend my dentist because her office is clean and sterile they also make it comfortable theres no sounds of drills or things that make you more nervous it also doesnt smell like a dentists office there prces are the same for everyone and they had in house financing as well as other options And she is a female wich is noce since that seems to be unusual . The office is family ran and they are dedicated to each patient

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