Mommy Makeover - Shrank to 32A After Losing Baby Weight

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I finally got the breasts I never had. With all 3...

I finally got the breasts I never had. With all 3 of my pregnancies, my 34B cup would become 38D and I would gain 40+ lbs. After finally losing my baby weight, my breasts shrank to a 32A, very saggy and the nipples were now facing downward. I also had a big belly "pouch" no matter how many times I did sit-ups, crunches, everything. I was working out 3-4x/wk. at the gym and taking cardio classes, too.

I was tired of working out, eating healthy and looking great in every other way except for the belly and no boobs. Finally, I gave myself the permission to just do it - as a birthday present.

It's been hard for me to recover with a toddler who insists on being picked up - the doctor had said no heavy lifting for 6 wks. My abdomen scar gets better but then the toddler does something which sends a shooting, ripping pain across the scar. At the end of the day, the scar looks red & purply again. 2 steps forward, 2 stpes back with the healing...

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

His incisions were done very well and I was very impressed. My new belly button looks natural and not like a gunshot wound or a coin slot I saw at another doctor's "After" pictures of his patients...He was extremely professional and did excellent work.

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