Breast Implant 213cc silicone over muscle

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I had implants removed with a lift and a very...

I had implants removed with a lift and a very small implant re-added for slight fullness. It is now the 17th of july and my once healed incessions have reopened and clear stiches are popping out painfully. It also feels like the implant has fallen and is sitting on the lower side of my breast.

I am currently on large dose of antibiotics and my Dr. has not said what is happining or going on with me. He did say i may have to be reopened again. Im in constant low grade pain, can't work out or even work due to this ongoing problem.

Can anyone explain what is happening to cause me so much pain after my breast implant removal?

Third times a charm

I'm going in for a third surgery in one week to get 235 cc silicone under muscle implants .
I've lost a lot of weight , kept it off and am flat now .

Last pictures before implants 234cc silicone under muscle

48 hour count down . Please let this be the final and last surgery . Dear God help my Dr to do his best with me .

It's over and I've already peaked !

Hi I had my surgery almost 12 hours ago .im feeling some pain probably about a 4 on a scale . Unfortunately I am having a allergic reaction to the pain mess so I'm very very itchy . My Dr suggested by a Benadryl and I'll see if this works in combo .
I also got a huge surprise ... My dr was unable to put my silicone 234 cc implants into the pockets . ( not sure why yet but will at follow up visit .its been 7 years from botched job of ps I isr to have. Does anyone have any commen or Ideas why ?

All Done now time to heal

My Dr could not put the implants under muscle because of damaged tissue / pockets from previous surgeries. This the the main reason I went to him. He is a cancer breast Dr . and deals with harder cases every day . I ended up getting 213cc . Doesn't sound like much but with the beast tissue I already had and having them above the muscle I couldn't be more please .

9 days after implant surgery

Tape is off - scares are minimal
Started driving
Getting use to having boobs
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