Botox in Jaw (For TMJ) Made My Face Look Slimmer

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About 5 years ago I began getting botox in my jaw...

About 5 years ago I began getting botox in my jaw (masseter) muscle to help with tmj. It really works to ease that pain and I would recommend it for anyone who has tmj. Also, it does shrink the muscle and makes my face look thinner.

My doctor does this all time, and I've never had any problems with my injections. In fact, now I get them in my temple too to help with headaches - and this works great as well.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. specializes in Asian types of plastic surgery, and this community is one which often wants to soften the jawline. Because of this, he does these botox injections in the jaw all the time. I think that is critical, because like any injectable - the skill of the injector will determine the success of the procedure.

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