Labiaplasty, Anal skin Tag, Clitoral Hood Reduction W/ Clitoropexy, Perneoplasty.

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This website inspired me and encourage me to take...

This website inspired me and encourage me to take back what was mine...I read other's story's some success's and some not. I am sharing my story in return to those that have inspired me. After years of searching for the "Perfect" Doctor - I found Dr. Aguirre and his staff. I contacted their office in Englewood, CO approximately 2 weeks prior to my surgery, which I have tomorrow. I spoke with Wendy Haynes (patient care coordinator) - I found myself finding it very difficult to say the words associated with my problem areas, but out of know where she was REAL, UNDERSTANDING, COMPASSIONATE – you could tell this is what she wanted to do, help woman love themselves again…I explained to her that I wanted to have the surgery ASAP – I was READY! But I also had to be smart about how I planned out my surgery, so I could keep it a secret. Wendy explained to me that it would be a six-week (no sex) healing process. An appointment came out of know where – I jumped as high as I possibly could and took it - I knew then that it was more perfect and the right time and place to have my procedures done.

With being an out of state patient, Wendy said I could send photographs of my “Bottom” area for the doctor to review. At first I thought, how am I going to take pictures of something I can hardly bare to look at myself. But when I did – again it made me realize how badly I wanted this. I took several pictures of my front end (standing, sitting, laying down, open legged etc.…) and off they went. I researched Aguirre Specialty Care and all the procedures offered under “cosmetic gynecology” when I sent off the picture - I felt like I needed them all, Labiaplasty, anal tag removal, clitoral hood reduction w/ clitoropexy…I wanted to go for it – to feel worthy of making love and being confident in my body. I find myself tearing up writing this…out of mere happiness and excitement – that MY time has finally come…and I have found the perfect STAFF and the perfect DOCTOR…

I traveled to Denver Monday night – and had my consultation with Dr. Aguirre and his staff Tuesday afternoon. I finally got to meet the “WENDY” on the other line; she was as amazing in person as she was walking me through the process over the phone. It was a though the staff became my family and support group. Now meeting Dr. Aguirre – oh boy – I was like a 12-year-old girl meeting a boy for the first time on steroids. Even though I know he has seen thousands of women like me, he made me feel like his first. There is something about having to put your legs in stirrup’s and open those bad boy’s, initially I shook, okay I shook the entire time…especially for the first time in my life – I was being analyzed in my entirety in an area so intimate and personal to me. It wasn’t until Dr. Aguirre handed me a mirror and walked me through every inch of my bottom…I couldn’t believe it, what he explained and how he was going to make the corrections, was breath taking. I thought I was excited for surgery – he pumped me up for the WORLD SERIES! I knew without a doubt from the moment I meant him – he was perfect for me and how lucky I was to find him and his staff.

It’s the day before surgery – I am empowered to be the woman I know I can be…to walk confidentially out of my under wear – bare and all…I am so going to strut all of me and make love to the man I love like never before. I am less than 24 hours from making a change I have dreamt of longer than I will ever even know. Here is to my journey and all those future journeys that one-day you might just have the COURAGE to take.

Day One - Clitoral Hood Reduction W/ Clitoropexy +++

Today was the day!!! In the most simplistic way possible describing my experience from the moment I walked in to the moment I walked out - SCARED. To change something so intimate on one's body is the most trusting thing someone can do. The staff was incredible and treated me like a princess the entire time. What I respected about Dr. Aguirre during my procedure the most was the commitment and time he took to ensure the best possible results he could give. I know without a doubt he put more than 100% into my procedure and created a beautiful butterfly that soon I will be able to enjoy.

I did elect to have PRP (platelet rich plasma) injected in the area, PRP is a concentration of platelet cells taken from your blood, and these platelets have growth factors that may help in the healing process. I am thrilled to see the results as many of you can imagine and sharing my recovery progress.

The overall procedure was painless, minor pinches here and there, but in all bearable. The most sensitive part of the entire procedure was having my anal tag removed. By all means it was never so painful I couldn’t manage the pricks and stings, but what made it manageable was Dr. Aguirre and RN Brandi always ensured a pain free and comfortable environment, accommodating me at times when it was a bit uncomfortable.

Believe it or not I had fun…enjoyed a few laughs and jokes, (I might even have named my anal tag)…but bye bye “Tucker”. Isn’t this really what it is all about, easing the way of what could be a very uncomfortable experience to feeling like your part of their team.

I chose not to upload post op photographs today- really it isn’t about all the stiches and swelling, its being able to look at the big picture overall. I will be posting weekly photographs of my recovery in stages, along with some of the obstacles and successes along the way.

I look forward to sharing my journey with all of YOU…

1 week post op

As I had my stitches removed and wow what a blessing, it was such a relief.

Again this is just one week of recovery, I can't wait to share next week!

Almost 2 weeks Post Op

I am feeling great...I stopped taking Tylenol a couple days after getting my stitches removed (day 8). My vulva is still a bit swollen and left side of my clitoral hood, but every week it seems to be getting better and better.

The can still feel the stitching inside the top area of my clitoral hood area is

As requested...2 weeks post op

This picture is taken in the same fashion I took the initial before surgery photography, opening my legs. It shows the overall opening and area the doctor performed perneoplasty, the removal of the perineal skin near the opening.

Officially 6 weeks post op

I was so excited to see my doctor at 6 weeks to see how my healing overall is progresssing. I still have minor swelling near the incision site on the top of my clitoral hood, but overall healing each day.

I am excited to see how my hood area ultimately heals at 3 months, the verdict is still out for me. But When I look at the before and after pictures I am truly amazed at the changes that have been made. I am so thankful!
Denver Urogynecologist

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