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So, I am currently on day 3 and I have experienced...

So, I am currently on day 3 and I have experienced a whole range of emotions from excitement, terror, joy, anxiety, regret, sadness and fear. But ultimately from reading many other women's stories it seems everybody goes through this as the unexpected change to your face can be very intense.

Initially I wasn't happy with the loss of volume I've experienced as I'm approaching 30, and from the side profile hated the way my asymmetry on the upper right lip tapered off into a downwards point making that side look very weird. I'd had lip fillers in the past, 0.6ml and 0.4ml on the other occasion and LOVED the way they made my lips look. However I'd only had the filler injected into my right side to correct the asymmetry and into my lower lip.

I'll start from the beginning.

Day 1
Booked in to see Mr Roy Ng based in Harley Street, who operates 'See and Treat' consultations, so that if you do want to go ahead with the procedure you can have it done on the day.

His entire team is the eptiome of professionalism and he himself is incredibly attentive, informative and empathic. His time is truly yours and he makes it his purpose to ensure you're making the most informed decision possible and assures you that at *any* point during the process you can change your mind, even after signing the consent forms.

He has performed the largest number of PermaLip implants in the UK and was trained by the chap who pioneered the technique in the states, so I trusted his advice.

He took several photos of my lips then transferred them to the laptop and popped them on wide screen, to demonstrate which areas of my lips would change shape and the various pros and cons associated with the implants. I explained that I loved the shape of my lips I just wanted bigger, more volumised lips which still looked natural and not 'done' - due to the size of my lips which he described as 'not insubstantial', he recommended the 5mm as 4mm and 3mm would simply get lost in my tissue and not have any noticable effect and really there would be no point in getting it done.

He offered me a choice of anesthesea and said most women prefer not to have the dental block because it can be painful but I said I was fine with anything and I wasn't squimish with needles. Boy did I underestimate that one.

Throughout the procedure both Mr Roy Ng and his medical assistant Belinda explained every step of the process. My eyes were covered with a mask so I could not see but each movement was pre-warned so that I had no shocks or surprises.

The dental block was PAINFUL. And it made my lips swell up to ridiculous proportions. The procedure was soon over and I was handed the mirror and my first words were "Oh my god!" They laughed and said not one woman has ever seen them selves and not said that. I was then led through to put an icepack on my lips for 10 minutes before setting off on the journey home.

The anesthetic started wearing off pretty quickly. Every step I took sent shockwaves of pain throughout my lips and I wasn't quite sure how I was going to make the journey home. It was quite literally, the journey from hell. By the second train I was in so much agony that i was swearing whenever anybody accidentally brushed me on the train. Managed to get home, but the pain that night was horrendous. They had prescribed me a mild cocodamol which I didn't purchase as I had stronger ones at home, and I went through about 8 that night. They barely brushed the surface of pain I was in.

I slept in 30 minute bursts, maybe in less, for the entire night. It wasn't just my lips that hurt, it was my teeth, gums, and sinuses. At one point my lips were less painful than breathing through my sinuses.

Day 2, This is when the real fun began. My lips swelled to HORRENDOUS proportions and continued getting bigger throughout the day. Of all of the pictures on RealSelf I think mine win the top spot.

Depression, regret, feelings of stupidity and remourse set in. I kept reminding myself of the beautiful result I'd hopefully get but I felt so stupid that I had done this for my own vanity and felt that I'd let down everyone who loved me. Awful.

Day 3. Had a great sleep. Ran to the mirror to check the damage and THANK THE HEAVENS! My lips were starting to deflate, and have continued to get smaller. Yesterday my bottom lip was tremendous and that strangley has gone down the most while my top lip is still very swollen. However now I'm concerned that the implant in the top lip may be too big because, when I'd had filler in the past to balance the asymmetry my top lip was already very full, without any filler on my left side. I'm really starting to worry that I may have made a bad choice with the top implant. Though Mr Roy Ng said explicitly that there would essentially be no point putting in a 4mm as the difference would be minimal. He knows his stuff so I'll just have to be patient!

Have added pictures - These are NOT glamour shots, so go easy on me. They are of a woman who is in A LOT of pain but I feel it's important to be candid and transparent so that people considering this have the whole picture.

Personally I think I just reacted very badly and my swelling was disproportionate to the average person.

Will update as I progress!


Day 4

I'd made plans with a girlfriend who had a hotel in London and despite how freakish I felt with my enormous lips I didn't want to let her down, so I went out. She said I was "very brave" wasn't sure how to react to that!

By now my lips are still very sore but I went without any painkillers on day 4 and began moving my lips as normal (albeit with some difficulty) but my top lip is completely imobile.

Day 5
Every day I wake up the swelling has gone down and I'm very pleased. Top lip is still slightly bigger than my bottom lip which I find unattractive. If after the swelling has subsided completely it's still the same, I'll get a smaller implant fitted. Drinking and eating is much easier now; not having to 'slide it in' then pat my lips afterwards, I actually look relatively normal although the movement on my top lip is still restricted.

Day 6
Starting to love my lips just a little bit - we'll see where they are in a few weeks. Eating and drinking is fine -no spills-, (forgot to mention, expect a lot of drooling on days 1 2 and 3) I have full movement but top lip is very tight and tingly but it bottom lip is looking fabulous.

Love love love!

Every day they look a little better as they settle from the swelling. The attached photo was taken 6 days ago so my swelling has subsided since and I finally feel as if these are the lips I always felt like I had.

Still have some swelling in my upper lip so there is more projection there than there should be but hopefully once it subsides completely they'll be the lips I've always dreamed of!

I have however had an increase in the amount of 'Fordyce Spots' which are visible on either corner of my upper lip, which I believe to be a result of excess sebum production (I have very oily skin so this could be why I'm more prone to them). They appear as small blocked white pores on the lips - Some ladies have reported a row of white dots on their lips after the implants and their surgeons not knowing what they are, but Mr Ng confirmed today for me, that they are fordyce spots.

There are a few treatment options in terms of topical applications but I'll look into that and report back (I suffer from fordyce spots in other areas too so this might be a worth while investment, apparently the treatment takes from 7 days to a month to work and it absorbs the sebum from the pores then tightens them. The product I am looking at costs just under £30 so affordable) I do find them quite unsightly but am assured they're not noticable.

Mwah from my new gorgeous lips!
London Plastic Surgeon

Absolutely excellent - as stated above. Cannot comment on after care follow-up as yet.

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