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Nashville Plastic Surgeon

I am a mom of 3 with severe diastasic recti (muscle separation). I have a small frame and am physically fit. I worked out for an entire year to get my body back to normal after my last baby. The muscle separation was too drastic. I still looked pregnant and couldn't wear a fitted shirt/sweater/dress or people would ask. Dr. Gingrass was the perfect person to get my body back to where I wanted it. I asked around (Medical community, patients, other mom's) to see what other's had heard or experienced. Her name kept coming up for the procedure that I was having. She is very in tune with the female body and takes great precaution with the incision line and it's location. As for my results, I couldn't be more pleased. I saw what a huge difference the procedure made the day after surgery! Once the swelling went down, it only got better. I am only 15 days post surgery and I am still so surprised at how good everything looks. Dr. Gingrass has been absolutely lovely and a wonderful surgeon. You don't always find both of these qualities in one person in the medical world. I only had a tummy tuck because I had my breasts augmented (in another town) long before children and was pleased with the size. I didn't want to go any bigger and I has happy with the current shape. Dr. Gingrass was very honest and open with me. She suggested that if I was pleased with what I had, then don't mess with a good thing. I really appreciated her honesty and not trying to up-sell me. I have also heard wonderful things about her partner Dr. Melinda Haws. She was mentioned often as well in my "research". The word on the street is that they are both really good with breast augmentations too. Hope this was helpful!

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