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Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

At first i was very excited because I had spoken to Dr.Mallol about getting lipo tummy tuck, bbl and recovery house all for $3750 which to me seemed like a given. This was a discounted price because a friend of a family member worked with him in the Hospital which is not where he performed my surgery. When getting to Dominican republic he met with me and first thing he did was talk to me about how dangerous it would be to flip ne over on the operating table because of my weight. Therefore he wouldnt perform the buttlift. He said he would do minor lipo on my chin and a tummy tuck. I was still anxious and excited that at the fact that I would finally have a flat belly. I didnt give it much thought and immediate handed over the money when he asked. He saw me the next day and began operating. The operation went well, but the post op care was a horror story I literally was living in. After surgery, he asked me where I would be staying and I explained that we had discussed the Recovery house as part of the exclusive package. He explained that this was no so luckily I did not have my messages as evidence so I wound up being sent to the apartmebt I rented. He then referred me to a nurse that would inject iron for five days at the price of 1000 pesos per day. Then after a week he referred me to a massage lady named Irma. I began my massages and wound up going to see him after the first two days of massages, when he took of the gauzes my wound looked irritated. Ge covered it back up and told my husband to clean it daily with no demonstration. Knowing little about surgery my husband began to clean it by boiling bottled water and medical soap. He would then cover it but never used gloves through out this process. Additionally, we noticed that my drainer was leaking blood everywhere because it had a small whole and he suggested for me to cover it with plastic bags or buy a new one. After continuing to look for the correct drainer, we found out that those were discontinued, so we continued covering it with a plastic bag. Leading into week two my wound opened and the doctor began doing the dressings himself and started saying i was straining when i would never even get up. My husband literally wiped my behind, fed me, cleaned my body with wipes, etc. After continuously go8ng back the wound grew huge enough to fit my two year old daughters head. It was th ost disgusting thing anyone could imagine. Everytime he would see it, he would act unworried although I was just desperate and tired of crying. Finally, the week I am suppose to leave he refers more and more pills and I begins to take days to respond. I began to get too desperate that I just stopped writing him and looked for help in the ER, every doctor refused and suggested that I return. Sadly I did because I was to scared to leave Dominican Republic in the condition I was in. Finally he did a Culture test and referred me to his calleague (Doctora Sarita Valdez) who charged me $2000 pesos under the table to simply refer to me the prescription that would heal my Ecoli. Sure enough I wound up buying a weeks worth of pills that cost $77000 pesos. It cured my Ecoli and I wound up leaving to NYC with my opened wound. As soon as I got here I was treated but would never return to that Doctor again. It was a living nightmare, he acted as if what was going on with me was normal and now I am psychogically traumatized of any future procedures. My family suffered seeing me the way I was and I almost lost my job and my place unnecessarily. If he would have done the culture test in the beginning, when my wound first opened, I would have left when needed and healed when necessary. I will never know if it was the whole in the drainers that caused ke to get Ecoli or my husband not wearing gloves. But what I do know is that he is not a Doctor I plan to return to ever!!! It took alot for me to go ahead and write this review because I dont like to discredit work. Everything went find until after the surgery. I was a little embarrased to upload pictures because they are very groosem but please feel free to look into my notebook for further pictures.

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