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I have been entertaining the idea of having...

I have been entertaining the idea of having cosmetic surgery for years.
I knew it would be best to wait it out as I was younger and already a full C cup and really loved my body. Thank goodness I did not rush in.

Much has changed since I was first considering breast augmentation.
I am now 35 years of age and ready to enhance and revitalize what once was.

I have had a few consultations with some wonderful doctors in the Boston area but I knew I wanted much more than what was being presented to me.
I felt many doctors are comfortable or too comfortable with the conventional way of doing things and well, I wanted someone with a slightly different approach. A surgeon who was able to step outside of the box.
I wanted something that felt custom, more tailored to my needs and an outcome unlike the last patients.
I was also dead set on avoiding anyone who was willing to do BA that clearly looked like a BA.
After much research on this site and other forums and countless hours of general searches I found the right doctor for me.

I finally called The Maercks Institute in Miami.
I had been reading a lot about Dr Rian A. Maercks and already had a pretty clear idea that he would be the one.
I finally said to myself, just call and get a dialogue started and perhaps arrange for a consultation.
Immediately upon calling I was talking to perhaps one of the friendliest women I have ever encountered.
We scheduled an appointment for a consultation over the phone seeing that I am in Boston and the practice is in Miami.
I forwarded multiple pictures of my chest and was in contact wit Dr. M later that week.
After a very in depth conversation I was happy moving forward with him.

It was only three weeks from my first call to my surgical procedure.
Blood work, mammogram, flight, hotel and transport all set and my closest girlfriend flew down with me to take care of me.
Very important to have someone that can assist you with EVERYTHING.

His staff was so helpful and ready to answer any email or any call.
They were always prompt and happy to assist me in any way.

My surgery was yesterday morning.
I am feeling pretty good considering what I just experienced.
I am up and about but I listen to my body and get off my feet as soon as I feel I am getting too tired or too sore.

Dr Rian ended up going with 550cc implants.
We were originally looking around the 440cc to 500cc range but the 550 was actually a better fit for me.

I am going to attach a few photos of before surgery and day one after surgery.
I will continue to attach photos as my swelling comes down and just over periods of time to help other see the final result.

All in all I a very happy with this experience.

At this time I am happy to tell people they should absolutely consider Dr Maercks.
Well worth the trip to Florida.

He truly is humble, gracious and very easy to talk to.
I was cracking jokes up until the moment the anethesiologist put me under.
Very impressed by everyone at this practice.
My highest praise for the level of care I received and the professionalism of the entire staff.

If anyone would like more info , please feel free to reach out to me.

Best wishes to anyone moving forward with surgery.

My best advise, take your time and do your due diligence.
Don't bargain shop for something as important as this.
Your body is your temple and it truly is priceless.

Will be adding pictures weekly

Hi everyone, I will be adding photos weekly and also fill in how my healing has been going.
I am getting ready to travel back home to Boston today so I will catch up soon.

All my best,

Breast augmentation update.

* I originally posted this as a reply, think I was suppose to put it here. My bad ;) *

Hi there.
Just wanted to touch base real quick.
All in all I really am feeling great.

I wanted to add my doctor's website.
You will find videos of the technique that he used on me. It is called cold subfascial breast augmentation. 

He doesn't insert the implant under the muscle, nor does he place it over the muscle and he does not use a partial placement either.
This means, no damage to the breast tissue and no cutting into or disturbing the pectoral muscle. This also means less pain and you are back to your normal routine twice as fast.
I was up most of the day immediately after surgery.
By day three, I was laying on the beach. Sure I had some bruising and soreness but I was bikini ready and comfortable enough to go out and enjoy myself.

He uses a totally different approach, placing the implant in the very thin yet incredibly strong fascia that covers the pectoral muscle.
By doing this, the weight of the implant is completely supported putting no pressure on your breast. This also completely prevents the implant from being seen or felt.
When I touch my chest and squeeze, all I feel is breast tissue, no implant.
My closest friends have been amazed with the visual and feel test as well ;)

I have already made plans with my doctor to return next year to have my rhinoplasty and facial contouring performed as well.
Again, I can't say enough good things about my experience and I hope you all at least take a good look at his videos and understand, there are more options out there then you are being told about. Beautiful breast should be the objective and sticking with the old way of doing things may not always the best way to go. Not in my humble opinion anyway but I simply wish everyone the best possible outcome whatever they decide is best for them. So happy with my rather large yet beautiful natural shaped breast.
As my muscles grow ( getting ready for my first figure competition ) I know my body is going to be the total package I always knew it could be.

Thank you all for the kind words and support.

overdue update

Sorry everyone, I see there were some questions asked of me.
I just returned from an extended trip in South America.
Please pardon my absence.
To respond to some of your questions, I am doing well and still am amazed by my doctor.
I just visited with him after my vacation last week.
All smiles and hugs.
Like visiting a friend.

I did not list the price as I am private with regard to my finances.
My advice is to schedule a consultation as you may have other considerations with your surgery.
I will clearly state that I could have had my breast augmentation done for significantly less money but again, I was not bargain hunting.
This is my body.
The most importantion factors in my mind were, my doctors competence and skill level.
His technique.
Being treated like an individual with my own set of concerns and questions.
Having all of my questions answered and never being rushed.
Most of all, a portfolio full of natural looking, beautifully augmented breast and faces.

I will say that I feel so confident in my doctor that I will be continuing under his care.
Next year I am having facial contouring and rhinoplasty done by Dr. Maercks as well.
I am adding a couple of pictures of my current look.

Thank you all for checking in with me and I wish you all the best.

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