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445cc Natrelle Inspira SRM, moderate profile,...

445cc Natrelle Inspira SRM, moderate profile, under muscle, inframammary incision

I just woke up.. no bruising, no blood, barely any swelling.. just feel tender.

I am so amazed i could cry. I never thought i could have pretty boobs.

My first augmentation i had for about 12 years.. 240cc inamed saline implants. It was ugly but still better than my flat skeleton chest.

I had a rough childhood so I grew up so waif skinny practically malnourished!???????????? my chest was so skinny you could see my ribs/chestbones.. ew

So now in my 40s I am all for self improvement. I dont want to be unhappy anymore. My chest was so ugly it was hurting me in a way that I felt crappy about myself.

I am kinda that natural semi vegan organic type.
So boob jobs dont match my stereotype but... i like a full rack of moist brisket and a side of full boobs ... Lol but cmon who doesnt like grass fed beef. Lol

Dr. Vitenas has strict herb and food instructions which wasn't hard for me to follow since i kinda live like that anyways.

I was worried at first but then i realized his diet is for optimum health which is important. Today literally ate pineapple, red cabbage, strawberry banana smoothie, yellow thai curry n rice.. its been 10 hours and I feel great.

I hate painkillers so i am just ok with Tylenol and ice packs anywhere but my incisions as directed by the Nurse.

Every single one of them there are sharp, attentive, clean and even pretty!

I noticed how detailed his staff and He was throughout the procedure. I could tell they know what their doing! His surgery room was so clean, in fact that entire bldg. is! Its probably the best surgery room i have ever seen!

You can tell he's very intelligent and compassionate. I felt a lil star struck meeting him because he has such great energy and enthusiasm.

I am glad I chose Dr. Vitenas. Hes my doc!

Day 2

Still tender but not as bad as yesterday! Lol lil headache.. maybe coffee withdrawals..

Day 2 diet

Pineapples again in the morning, with my red cabbage cut into blocks.. lol, coffee with raw honey... took my vitamins and antibiotic.

Lunch Vietnamese PHO.

Drank lots of water and I could smell the chemicals leaving my body.. ew..

I sat in waist high epsom salt bath. Lightly tapped under my armpits with salt water.

Sprayed vitamin c spray around my breast area too.

Day 2 pics

They gave me a cute bag and shirt to take home.. the bag is very sturdy too!!

Im so greatly appreciated and great full!!

Day of surgery

It was puffy and nice, but im sure it will go down a lil.

Day of surgery

Day 2 night

Just took a muscle relaxer to help me goto sleep.. but its looking so amazing. Never did i dream of this. I am so happy.???

Doctor said no bras for 6 weeks ... but this is a soft camisole with removable pads. I moved the pads to the side to keep the from going under my arms.. thats where it hurst the most when i lay on my back.

Day 3

Barely any pain!! Went out for breakfast at Ihop.. i was craving pancakes.. lol

Day 4 a lil Rippling? Argh..

I think i only see them because they are minimum.

I went in for my follow up today, Dr. VItenas did say that i was thin.

He did say its not visible unless im hunched over.. i call it slouched like a grouch ???? and even then its so minimal it looks like my veins. Im also veiny skinned. I may need a tan but i have to wait a year to be fully ready!

Im not gonna fuss over that. I love the overall look and feel!!!! I can sleep on my back! With my old 240 saline.... if i slept on my back my neck would hurt and my arm go numb! I so glad thats over and its been years!!! Ugh!!

My boobs are so amazingly soft!

Im so happy that I have to remind myself that they are beautiful. Lol. I was so used to being ugly that my mind is still forgetful that I had them done! ????

So I also picked up a scar cream from Dr. Vitenas office. $99 . Since I spent thousands on my new boobs whats $100 for a cream that he highly recommend? I sure as heck got it! Lol

Today he also showed me that I needed to massage my breast a lil firmer to keep the pocket open. I was being too gentle. Lol

I see him again in 2 weeks. I like going there. Lol

Day 6.

Took off the bandaids because they looked dirty.

So i gently cleaned the area with 70% alcohol.

Don't know if that was good or bad but i used a qtip so i dont drip it all over the scar area.

My scars are dark. But thats how my skin goes.

My 2 c section scars are now white so im not worried about my scars under my breasts.

I havent been pushing them downwards as much as upwards. Im scared I might rip the sutures. I am also not it a rush for them to sag either. Lol.

I love my breasts! I am so happy.

Day 6

Not sure if they are still swollen.. but they are huge! Lol

1 week

Put the recommended scar cream. The scar cream is very jelly like. I can tell its made well. I used a qtip to apply.

Day 7 same top as first day..

What a change, i like how puffy they were on day one but i like how they sit today.

I can sleep on my back no problem. No numb hands!! My old implants were about half (240cc saline) the size and felt horrible!

Need a tan!

Not for a while!!

Day 7

Trying on clothes????..

Old bathing suit

Omg ive never worn this.. it looks too small..????

All these tops I've had!!!

But never wore! Lol

My new favorite top

I never wore it because i never could fill it!!

Todays scars

They hurt today a lil.. so i massaged the scar area and it helps.. i think the scars are shrinking.

They are starting to itch too.. lol

That means they are healing.. lol????????

Massaging is a lot easier and not as painful.

I love them still.

Im in awe if them lol.

Considering they are just moderate profile, they stick out pretty well.

I don't think i would've wanted it any different.

In awe

Exactly how ive always wanted..

If i can just get rid if the itching!!!!!

Im wondering if im still puffy

Because they are huge. Lol

I mean i like them and all.. but its bigger than I expected. Lol

Healing scars..

Healing nicely as much as I wanna get crazy and do sit ups sand push ups.. its not worth ripping the sutures. Its a time to relax and heal!

Ive been seeing some crazy posts on ladies working out so soon after surgery! That just insane!

Its funny my left looks better than my right, and last week it was the opposite!! Lol

However I was tending to the uglier scar for the week. It goes to show whatever you pay your mind to... shows your love and care!??????

Happy Thanksgiving ????????????
Eat healthy and rest.

Massage your breasts! Even the part of your real tissues. Dont ignore that! Lol

Take care of your skin & sutures first!

If you feel pain stop what your doing n relax for a bit. Consider it beauty rest.

Massage the suture site gently to keep it soft.

Heres my boinger boobs.

I still need to get used to these jugglers! Omg!

Slept with the scar strip n cream on

Boy what a difference. Lol

My incisions dont feel as painful when i get up. These boobies are heavier than what i had so the strip n cream do help.

I just wish maybe I had a stronger tape to keep it up on the incision area.

Maybe ill look today for some new support.

Todays progress

A lil redness on my right side.

But the pain went down.

A lot of pain is gone

Woke up feeling good, looked at the scars and they look like they are shrinking!!!! Scars are soft. I notice i have more pain from them being hard.

Had to reschedule my 2 week follow up.. lol my daughters are sick and have been this TG vacation.

Im just glad I made it this far with them and they are getting better... I hope!!!!

Feeling like getting my hair done too! Why not!

Anyone know a good stylist that can do thick wavy hair? Lol

In my fav shirt

Just wearing a bralette and T-shirt.


Taken in the evening yesterday..

Feeling soft.

I notice they get hard without the cream.

Scars today

It got a lot lighter! Healing really well.

Every time i look in the mirror i am reminded i am bigger in the boob zone. Lol

Went in for follow up # 2

He says everything looks good.

I made sure i massaged my breast and loosened the muscle prior to my apt. Today. Lol.

So when Dr. Vitenas checked softness he said it was good.

Yay! Check #3 up in 6 weeks...

Sizes for SRM INSPIRA MODERATE profile

Here are two pics one show projection compared to the other types of the same brand.

The other shows the actual centimeters of the implant and projection centimeters.

Scar away Coupon!

Good till 12/31/2018!

Its cold! Brrr

So hers a shot in my thin long sleeve top. I am wearing a bralette.

Its interesting when i see photos of 445cc moderate profile BAs that they all look different!

I showed my neighbor my boobs with my long sleeve top and she said it doesnt look huge. That it looks natural.

Naked is another story! Lol

So moderate is the low key sexy look. Unless i wear a push up.. lol



1 Month-eversary lol 11/11-12/11

Still loving it, the lil pains here n there are reminding me that they are still fresh.. lol

They get a lil tight if i don't massage them.

Other than that.. its so nice.

Not trying to have them drop too soon.

I like it high and full.

In a bralette and tank

I get those cramps in the morning still, so i am reminded to massage and use a wonderful salve my friend Momi makes from Hawaii.

I found that it works faster and it moisturizes so heavenly!

Since yall dont comment or anything or like..

Like nanny McPhee.. IM GONE! Lmfao!

Moving and had these out soooo...

I had to try it on...This bikini is a bit tight. Cant breathe !! Lol

I need to get some sun soon!

I still need to get used to these!

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