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Dear Dr. Desai, Unlike the majority of...

Dear Dr. Desai,
Unlike the majority of your patients, I am a transgendered female, so to say my breast size was inadequate would be an understatement. I was merely looking to have feminine breasts, but I had no idea where to begin, so I went to the web. Hundreds of Plastic Surgeons listed, but one jumped out at me. Doctor's Plastic Surgery, for a somewhat silly reason - the word "Sale" was included in the ad. Granted it didn't give much information - not even a Doctor's name - But I merely wanted to ask a few questions to prove to myself that I could never afford it anyway, so I called to set up a consultation, ready for a major disappointment, but when the day finally arrived, I was so excited my rather masculine voice was quivering as I spoke to the receptionist, but after completing the preliminary paperwork, I was brought in to meet with Doctor Urmen Desai, and he immediately took charge of the situation, calming me first with simple, down to earth,, non-judgemental conversation, then gently easing me into my reason for being there without feeling self conscious, and finally explaining in detail, step by step and in laymen's terms, what he would recommend and how he would propose to accomplish my desired goals. He explained everything so clearly that even I understood it, and Dr. Desai spoke with such confidence that I had absolutely no reason to doubt his competence, not to mention I was overcome with a feeling that he was going to change my life for the better!
Crazy! Right? From the one and only number I called from the web?? Who does that? Several of my girlfriends had told me that you can't just take a name off the web and not research the Doctor who's going to cut into your chest. Maybe they were right too, so I was glad to have his name so I could pass it on to my girlfriends in case any of them wanted to check him out, but by that time, all I was thinking of was how soon I can have it done and how can I guarantee that Dr. Desai will be the one performing my surgery. I had complete confidence in him from our first meeting! A few of my girlfriends, however, did research him and report their findings back to me! Needless to say, I was not surprised to hear that my gut feeling I had on the day I met him was totally accurate, but it was nice to get confirmation of something I already knew anyway.
His portion of the consult complete, Dr Desai then led me in to the office of the surgical coordinator, who would explain more of the details ($) of the process. There was no high pressure sales closing from Dr. Desai., He said it was a pleasure to meet me, hoped that he had provided me with enough information to help me with my decision, wished me luck in my future, shook my hand, then proceeded to introduce me to the Surgical Coordinator!
My heart sank a bit as I looked at the financial documents on her desk and I was afraid that this would be the bring me back down to reality portion of the consultation. Naturally, she was absolutely gorgeous, and I couldn't help but wonder why they would have a woman so beautiful be the one to shatter my dream over finances as she was obviously already living my dream, wearing a cute figure flattering top which I thought I would never fill out as perfectly as she did, but as she started her spiel, she spoke directly to me, and I found that I couldn't help but focus on her too - maybe even a bit too much - but it was quite easy to keep my eyes on the reason I had come there! Perhaps I had misjudged her job, because by the time our discussion was over, I saw that she had not shattered my dream at all! She made me realize how badly I wanted it and how determined I was to get it! I am a woman and I needed to do this for me.
So what happened??
> Well, I figured out the "how", a second job in construction, the kind of work I used to do before my feminine side overcame me and I began worrying about such things as breaking a nail or chipping my nail polish, and that feminine dream I had lived with for 66 years as of July of 2015 became a bit more pressing, so even though my work wreaked havoc on my nails, I was reasonably sure that they would grow back again, and it would be worth the temporary loss of pretty nails to attain the feminine breasts I had wished for all my life, so I scheduled my breast augmentation surgery for October 15'th of 2015, just 3 1/2 months after my consult and 2 months after my 67'th birthday. A girlfriend came with me on "the big day", and sat with me in the pre-op preparation and waiting room, and the entire staff was amazing through the pre-op process, keeping my mind occupied as the clock kept ticking and I gradually grew a bit more anxious as my surgery wait time grew shorter. Then, Dr. Desai came in and drew pictures on my chest while the anesthesiologist added a little something to my IV to relax me a little before my surgery. She must have mixed up quite a concoction for me and I can only assume that the entire staff remained wonderful through the surgical procedure as well because I woke up in the recovery room wearing a bra, and even though I couldn't see my breasts yet, I pressed gently on my new bra cups and knew that I finally had something very significant in size and weight in those cups. I was so excited, but I still had to wait 'til the following morning.
> At 9:0 0AM the next morning, I was back in the office for my first followup, but as the Medical Assistant was unfastening my bra, I'm not sure if I was more nervous or more excited about what I was about to see. The Doctor had already explained that my breasts will be positioned high on my chest in the beginning, and it could take about 1 to 3 months for them to drop into the correct breast height. I was shaking with anticipation as I didn't know which way to look - into the mirror or down at my chest - as my bra was removed, exposing my very own feminine breasts for the first time. They were very high on my chest, but they were mine and I immediately felt very comfortable with them, not weird like I thought I might. They definitely belonged there. Over the next month, I became more accustomed to them, but I was so eager to buy a bra for our Company Christmas Party on December 4'th that I was fitted for, delighted to purchase and completely fill the cups of a size 36C Victoria's Secret Push-up bra, but they hadn't even dropped into position yet It was absolutely perfect for the party, but after that, it seemed that my breasts were taking forever to fall into place, and I really wanted to see the finished product. Then one morning I felt different. OMG! It had happened, Dr. Desai had given me the most gorgeous feminine breasts that any woman could want, so after a few more days, I scheduled my three month followup appointment. I swear that it was only 3-4 days earlier that my breasts had dropped into their permanent home at perfect breast height. After my followup, I immediately headed back to Victoria's Secret for a measurement update, and almost fell over when I heard her say that I am now a 36 double D bra size and probably don't need a push up bra any longer. I was so pleased with my twins that I decided to treat them to the ultimate symbol of femininity, Lace! No Push Up Cups! No Lining! Just Me And The Lace!!! I'm finally one step closer to being the woman I was always meant to be!
> As I said in the beginning, I am a transgendered female, and I am absolutely ecstatic about my new breasts! I love the size, the shape, the spacing, and, of course, the fact that they are mine. One word of caution I'd like to add however: Before you sign up for breast surgery with Dr. Desai, make sure you really want those breasts because when you wake up in the recovery room, you're going to have them, and they're going to be there for a long time! I love mine - Years of wishing accomplished during a short nap in the O/R! I'm so glad Doctor's Plastic Surgery was the one that caught my eye.Thank you Dr, Desai! I love what you've done for my physical appearance and my confidence in myself as the woman I am!
> Cara
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

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