2nd Rhinoplasty Made It Worth It . :)

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I had rhinoplasty twice. The first time I told the...

I had rhinoplasty twice. The first time I told the doctor to straighten my nose ( people always asked if it had been broken) so I asked to have the bridge broken and striaightened and the tip left alone. I also asked to keep my general look the same.

In the course of the rhinoplasty, the doctor discovered I had polyps on my turbinates and I had to have a turbinoplasty and that my septum was crooked so that was straightened as well. Well all of these changes altered the outcome of my nose.  The turbinates actually had made my nose look smaller and now my nose looked projected.

I waited a year to make sure the swelling had gone down as much as it would and decided I was unhappy with the result. The doctor agreed that it wasn't what he had hoped it would be. He agreed to re-do my rhinoplasty, this time the goal was not to preserve my look, but to make me look as gorgeous as possible. I learned here that it is KEY to COMMUNICATE with your doctor. At this point I said I don't care how different I look, I care how good I look.

It has been about 4 months since that surgery. The doctor charged $4500 for the first surgery and $500 for the secondary surgery, but gave me free botox during the secondary surgery so it was all good. :) The doctor also called me at home right after the surgery and the next day to make sure I was feeling okay and asked that I visit every 1-3 months just to make sure the progress was as expected. At my three month check up, he said my nose was as small as it could (genetically) be. 

I really like this doctor and think he does excellent work, I breathe better and my sinuses are more clear since my second rhinoplasty. The biggest lesson I learned here was that YOU HAVE TO COMMUNICATE with your doctor! I would recommend my doctor to anyone, he is really good. But if you don't tell someone specifically what you want, you won't get it. I learned that lesson the hard way. If you have any questions or would like to visit my doctor. contact me privately, i could at least provide before/after pics. katie

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