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I am a 23 year old woman, who began to notice a...

I am a 23 year old woman, who began to notice a belly bulge around the age of 14. I have always been active, but I am a solid girl and trust me I like to eat. My bulge however, never really seemed warranted since I played 3+ sports, and was constantly on the the go. However, I couldn't help but notice the shapes of my other family members (pugdy, bulges, obese) I knew I had to keep my diet in check otherwise I would be looking like a heffer sooner than later. Still, with diet and exercise my pudge got larger, love handles huge and thick back fat. My nightmare was coming true....I was becoming a fat girl with a pretty face!

It was after hiring a personal trainer, basically starving myself and then depression that I finally said F-it I'm getting Lipo and it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

EVERYONE, and I do mean EVERYONE in my life was against it but I did it anyways. I researched for over a year, visited 5 different surgeons, and finally chose a large volume liposuction specialist from Encino, California. He was/is phenominal. He molded my body from a random blob to a curvy coke bottle. He removed 7 liters of fat from my abs, flanks and lateral chest (bra-fat area).

The first 3 days were the hardest, I needed supervision all the time. I was extremely swollen, sore and had trouble urinating for the 1st 24 hours. I had to wear a garmet that was tight as h*** to compress my swollen skin. I had black/blue bruises all over my back....all in all it appeared someone had beaten the crap out of me. I improved daily and by day 5 was comfortable being alone.

I am now day 7 post op, and I still swollen but bruising is fading, I'm totally functional by myself although I have to move kinda slowly. I also cannot bend over just yet, because my belly feels like there is a book in there. This hardness is part of the healing process and gets better when I massage with a thick lotion or vaseline.

I am still wearing my garmet and have to for 24 hours a day for the next 2 weeks. Now it isn't bad, but the 1st 5 days were HELL in that garmet.

So far I am extremely pleased with the results and I'm even still swollen. I have no back fat, no buldge, no love handles. My clothes fit great and I feel even better. The pain, the money, the drama was worth it just to look myself in the mirror and say "Damn I'm hot"..lol. Still I have a long way to go for full recovery and things are only suppose to get better.

I recommend tumescent lipo to anyone, do what is going to make you happy...F what everyone else thinks or says. The recovery is rough, but no worse then feeling like a fat a$$ everytime you look in the mirror. So be prepared for the recovery, that's the hard part but overall nothing can explain the euphoric experience of seeing your body in real life the way you have dreamed for so long. IT's 2009----DO YOU!

Basic things you should know:
Ask to speak to patience who had it done by your surgeon of choice, and don't sign on the dotted line until you have.

General Anethesia has more risks, but if you wanna more fat taken off at one time it's a requirement, this is large volume liposuction and it can be done safely. My procedure was only 2 hours. And you cannot be anemic and have large volume lipo, so take iron pills asap if you're considering it.

Begin taking immune system booster immediately after the surgery to keep you well while recovering and increase recovery rate.

Plan to be out of business for at least a week and a half, you don't want to over do-it by rushing back to work.

Lipo is not a ticket to eat, this should be a boost to starting/maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

I am an African American woman, so scarring was a concern but stayed covered in cocoa butter to prevent keloids. Do not mess with those stiches.

I had stretch marks on my flanks and they look less noticeable after lipo---added/unexpected bonus.

I have not had children yet, I was just genetically fat but was told that lipo is better before children, because when/if I get pregnant I will be more likely to return to my post lipo result. Although, revision is possible...I'm not planning for kids for at least 5years though.

Lastly, contact me if you want more details on my experience or an update I am soooooo willing to talk to anyone who is thinking of doing this. :)

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

His photos looked phenomenal, He was patient but down to earth totally keeping me realistic on what could be done. He offered to provide contact info to former patience he had worked on. Most of his staff had been serviced by him and I saw/touched their results. He was sooooo caring/available after the procedure willing to come to my house if I needed immediate attention. Overall, he was the bomb!

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