21 years old, open rhinoplasty, 6 months post-op

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Back story I’ve hated my nose since I was 16. I had a bump and a slightly downwards droop which made my profile look really weird. It sounds ridiculous but I'd even avoided driving lessons because I didn't want anyone seeing me from that angle. I’d been to companies such as the Harley Medical Group about 2 years ago, where I was referred to Ivo for an open rhinoplasty. I was basically given a sales pitch by the ‘nurse’. She told me how much better I’d look with my nose done, (which was actually really insulting) but I had to book the procedure ASAP or the slot would be gone. The entire thing freaked me out and I never went through with it. I actually came out of there feeling worse than when I went in. I’m glad I didn’t go with them, as I’ve heard some bad stuff about the Harley Medical Group. Luckily Ivo isn’t with them anymore. I waited another year, and after a lot of research, I found myself back on Ivo’s Real Self page. I booked a free consultation with him in Harley Street on the 1st February this year, and paid the £3,500. Ivo Gwanmesia I was so nervous after my ordeal with HMG, however, both Ivo and his assistant were very warm and welcoming when I arrived. He asked me what I didn’t like about my nose. He told me what type my nose was, what exactly he would do to fix what I didn’t like, and told me if my expectations were realistic. I asked how often he performs this procedure. To my surprise it was a few times a week! This reassured me and completely calmed me down. He told me it would be carried out in the Highgate Hospital (on the Northern Line), and I’d need to stay overnight. He also told me I’d have to wait at least 2 weeks before I could have it done (because of cosmetic surgery legal reasons). He asked if I had any worries – my biggest fear was the anaesthesia. I’ve never had a surgery before and the idea of waking up in the middle of the surgery was terrifying me. He assured me this would not happen, that I’ll have a chance to meet the anaesthetist and that it’s a common worry. When I left, I knew I wanted him performing my procedure. I booked my procedure for the 17th February 2016. I didn’t see him again until the big day. On the day my surgery was scheduled for 12pm. I had some photos taken of my nose, Ivo went through what he would do exactly again, and I even met the anaesthetist who was really kind, and stayed with me asking questions about school and uni right until I fell asleep. The Highgate Hospital The hospital staff were very professional when I initially arrived. I was shown to a nice room with an en suite, had my own tv and a big comfortable bed. I was walked down the corridor by a nurse, to another room where I was given my anaesthesia. She was friendly and could see how nervous I was and asked if I was excited. I started to calm down then, realising I was worrying about everything too much, and forgetting how great this would make me feel in the long run. After the surgery, I don’t remember a lot due to the medication. However, at one point I woke up and found my painkillers had just been left on my chest while I was sleeping, which was a bit bizarre. I also woke up really thirsty multiple times, had to wait an hour and ask two different nurses before I was brought some water. I don’t know if I was unlucky and stayed a night where they were understaffed, or if that’s how the hospital is run, but it became really frustrating to have to keep asking and not get a response. Ivo visited me the next morning, again talking through what he did, how long the procedure took and if I had any questions. Aftercare I had my cast on for one week. The pain isn’t bad at all -it’s the same pain you’d associate with a bad cold. When your painkillers wear off, it kind of feels like someone is putting pressure down on your nose, but by that point you’ve had enough time that you can take another. The painkillers and antibiotics completely knocked me out that week, I barely left the bed. I just remembering drinking copious amounts of cranberry juice through a straw (stock up on your straws and good TV shows!). I had Ivo’s number for emergencies, but luckily didn’t have any problems. The next week I saw Ivo at the Highgate Hospital to have my cast removed. We were both really excited to see the results. Having the splints taken out is slightly unpleasant, but what came after was so worth it! I was so surprised to see my nose actually had a curve! I was told to stay realistic about the shape, that surgeons must work with what they’re given – they’re not miracle workers! I was expecting to have the bump removed, but my nose still quite straight. The fact I finally had a curved nose was amazing. He said I still had a lot of swelling, which meant it would get even smaller! Over the last 6 months, I’ve noticed a huge change. When I compare myself now with old photos, it’s amazing to see the difference. My nose is still slightly hard and without feeling at the tip, but I’ve read that’s natural because of the trauma to the nerves, plus you can’t tell by looking at all. Summary: I would definitely recommend having your rhinoplasty done by Ivo Gwanmesia. He is so warm and reassuring, answers all of your questions, and is very professional. I still can't believe I have the result I wanted! The only issues I've had were with the hospital. Contact me and I’d be glad to show you some before/after shots!

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