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Ever since I was about 12 years old I've been self...

Ever since I was about 12 years old I've been self conscious about my nose. The prominent arch always gave me a poor side profile, especially with my weak chin. Originally I wanted to get a chin implant to help enhance my profile, but after doing some research I decided that shaving down the hump on my nose would achieve a similar result. I researched a lot of facial plastic surgeons in the NYC area and found Dr. Miller appeared to have the best reputation and offered free consultations. I went to speak with him about my concerns and he was great about telling me what he could foresee correcting, the timeline, and the cost. He addressed my concerns about my profile and told me shaving down the bridge could really help. After thinking about it a bit longer, I decided to go for it and booked my surgery at his Manhattan location.

I went to see him 2 weeks prior to my surgery to make sure we were on the same page and he was great about summarizing surgery day and what to expect post-op. His assistant Carrie, who is fantastic, gave me pre-op instructions and told me to call anytime if I had questions.

On surgery day I took the train to the location, and arranged to have a friend of mine pick me up afterwards. I was really anxious that morning, and couldn't believe I was actually about to go through with it! Dr. Miller's staff were great about making sure I was as mentally prepared as I could be. I first spoke with Dr. Miller's nurse, who gave me a gown and told me the anesthesiologist would come in to ask a few questions. After speaking with her, I was taken to the OR where I was given the anesthesia and passed out before I could count to three! The surgery took around 2 hours, but of course it felt like 2 minutes. When I woke up I was so drowsy and couldn't feel anything so I assumed I hadn't had the surgery yet. I asked the nurse if it was over and she said yes, I couldn't believe it! My friend drove me home and I immediately took a nap. I was deceived in thinking I had an extremely high pain tolerance because I couldn't feel anything the entire first day. I didn't realize that this was the morphine in my system, and once that ran out, the pain came on and it was pretty intense.

Day 2 and 3 post-op were probably the worst days in terms of recovery. The swelling started to get pretty bad, and I had ice packs on my face 90% of the day. I absolutely needed the pain medication I was prescribed, as my nose felt like it had 1,000 tiny paper cuts in the septum. The clotting inside the nose was also really gross to clean out. Every time I stuck a q tip up my nose to clean it I felt faint from the pain and nastiness inside my nose.

About 4-6 days post op I started feeling a little better, and by day 6 I had weened myself off of the pain meds. I arranged to have my cast off 1 day later, so I wanted to be sure to have my wits about me so I could return to work and get back to a normal life! :) I definitely recommend making ZERO plans for the week after surgery, as you will be so tired, swollen, and in pain that you will want to literally just lay in bed and eat, sleep, and watch Netflix. Consider it a mini-vacation and embrace the time off!

On the day of cast/stitches removal, I was so anxious to see my new nose and also very afraid to have the stitches in my nasal septum taken out. I hadn't taken any pain meds so I knew all the pain I would feel would not be numbed down. Fortunately, the pain was not too bad. I had 5 stitches in my nose, and with each stitch removal I felt a sharp pain but it was very fleeting. Honestly the nerves were worse than the pain. The actual removal of the cast was painless. Seeing my new nose for the first time post-op was surreal, I couldn't believe it! My face was still incredibly swollen, but noticing the lack of a hump was amazing! Dr. Miller came in and gave me my post-cast removal instructions, which involved massaging the nasal bridge 3 times a day, cleaning the inside of my nose (where there were still dissolvable stitches) once a day, and spraying my nose with nasal spray twice a day. The nasal bridge was EXTREMELY sensitive for the next week, and my upper lip was still pretty numb, so my smile looked really dumb, but within a couple of days that subsided.

One thing I wasn't expecting to happen was the swelling to increase a little bit at the tip and lower bridge of the nose for an extended period of time. When you initially get the cast off, your nose looks thinner than it will a couple weeks later due to the pressure of the cast on your nose. Once the cast is taken off, especially when you have an open rhinoplasty, the swelling will increase. In my case the swelling is a little uneven on either side of my nose, which is giving it a slightly crooked look (that only I can really notice), but it should resolve itself in another month or so (I'm at 6 weeks post-op currently). Luckily, with regular check-ups with Dr. Miller post-surgery, I am sure he will work with me to ensure the swelling goes down as it should.

Overall, Dr. Miller does a great job of ensuring a great experience given the pretty life-changing nature of such a surgery. I'm glad I chose to go with Dr. Miller for my rhinoplasty and I highly recommend him to anyone interested in getting a quality surgery done in the NYC area! :)
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Dr. Miller was a great listener, and was very concise in how he believed he could help me with my concerns. He clearly has a lot of experience in the field, and was great about explaining in detail what to expect from the procedure and what exactly he'd be doing to help achieve a desirable result. He and his staff were always available by phone or email if I had any questions or concerns, and take the time to make sure you are comfortable at every step in the process. It is a big decision for most people, but they make it seamless and are very supportive!

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