I Had the Worst Experience with (Dr Norman Morrison) That I Ever Had with Any Doctor of my Lifetime - New York, NY

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Dr Norman Morrison was unprofessional and rude...

Dr Norman Morrison was unprofessional and rude with me I have been trying with him to have my surgery performed since 2/2016 I had an appt with the doctor on 6/15/2016 we had decided to have it 11/10/2016 I had my preop performed on 9/19/2016 at which time I decided with his physician assistant Johan who was equally as unprofessional and twice as rude as he was. About a week later I received a phone call from johann informing me that my surgery would be performed by another doctor Dr. Bindu whom I went online to find that no one has even heard of this doctor I was not asked any questions given alternate surgery dates just phoned and informed what would be happening to me. I find this unacceptable I live in America where I am asked what i want not assigned after having invested 10 months out of my time to have the doctor I had visited twice. I would not recommend Dr Norman Morrison to an enemy his unprofessional arrogance now is the only memory I have of him. Anyone thinking of using his services should seriously vet this doctor for he has proven to be a total waste of 10 months out of my life. I now have to start the process over again. The lesson has been learned however I just hope I have saved some folks the agony of being mislead by this tag team of doctor and physician assistant known as Dr Norman Morrison plastic surgeon of 90th Street in Manhattan and his equally rude and unprofessional physician assistant Johann. I hope this review has been helpful
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