That pain shot that last 3 days after surgery is much needed ladies

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I'm going to try to be as detailed as possible ok...

I'm going to try to be as detailed as possible ok sometime last year 2014 I loss weight no major weight but whatever weight that I did lose it made my butt lose the projection that I had when I first got my second bbl done. Not saying I have no butt at all, I just don't have the fullness and nice roundness anymore which made me decide to just go with butt implants. I'm not going to try the bbl a third time when clearly the first two times "drop butt" my saying is don't be dumb think smart this time if you're butt dropped both times after having two bbls why don't you think it won't drop the third time as well so use your head and go with your first thought.

So in 2014 I made a consultation with Doctor Salama who had done my second bbl and my tummy tuck. Made the consultation for butt implants with the fat injection to cover the implants on the sides. Well I've seen a few butt implants that he done on a couple of the women on real self and I must be truthful they wasn't a good look so I ended up canceling my butt implant surgery with him yes I did lose $1200 for fees yes I was upset about losing all of that money but I rather lose that then to go into surgery coming out looking the same then later on to find out he has to take them out due to infections after major major pain on top of that losing way more thousands then I lost. So I changed my mind to Doctor Widder mmm I must say do your research before going to any doctor's out there. Come to find out Doctor Widder is a shitty butt implant doctor read many good reviews about him 6 months later the women butt implants that Widder done mostly all of them had problems so you know I had to change my doctor again plus Widder gave me one price two days before then had his secretary calling me to Jack the price up on me all because I had bbls done before. I started searching for a new doctor "BAM" I found my doctor. I had a phone consultation with Doctor Ewart he was straight forward with me didn't try to rush me off the phone he answered every question at that time I had to ask there was a $50 consultation fee which does go towards your surgery if you decides to use him as your doctor. I emailed him four pictures of me....everyday I read more and more horrible stories on real self about implants I would get scared and confused about if I ever wanted to get these implants done. Well as we all know everyone's body is different and everyone isn't going to get the same results nor the same easy or hard experience so I decided that I'm going for it and just pray that everything goes in my favor. Soooooooooooooooooo Yesterday I drove to see doctor Ewart in person after five months lol....A lot of people tells me girl you don't need anymore butt see here's the thing I'm a a** person and my butt isn't like it used to be no projection at all yes its booty back there but what's a booty without action to it what I mean by action to it anyone can have a big butt but it could be flat up top or flat in the middle section or flat on the sides and even at the bottom. I want a nice round booty with perkness to it "some action" to it not just there but the butt that makes every one stare In a good way and not the ewww way if you know what I mean...I will be having my surgery in March didn't set a date yet but my plans is for March. Doctor Ewart 3D my butt and it was awesome loved it! Everyone was great there as soon as Rachel and I got to finally meet we gave each other a big hug as though we've been friends for ever and haven't seen one another in years lol Rachel is my girl very down to earth lady she's very beautiful inside and out. The office is big nice and neat I took a few pictures of the office because I know a lot of women not just us women men too wants to know what type of place we're going to. Well I hope this helps....Doctor Ewart decided to use round 560cc implants on me in me whatever lol and not the 712cc which I thought all along 712cc is over doing it lol well that is for me remember I do have booty just no action to it "roundness/perky" it's wide and flat in this spot that spot and on top. If anyone male female has any questions for me about bbl "brazilian butt lifts" or on tt "tummy tuck" just ask I'll be happy to share what I experienced with both. Until then I'll be updating in march once I get ready for surgery ttyl!

Just a few pictures of the office

Next pictures will be of me with clothes on I wasn't going to post any pictures of me but I will none nude though. I know what it's like to see before and after pictures.

Think before you speak because at the end of the day you make yourself looks stupid

I know you should stay positive about things but I just wanted to add I don't like when women try to talk great about their doctor the whole time before surgery and after then get mad at their doctor because he or she doesn't see right away results after a week lol its not magic tricks you have to give yourself 6 months to a year before blasting your doctor. What made me bring this up its one real self member on here was writing nothing but great things about the doctor would even highly recommend people to this doctor. This individual got highly upset about results they couldn't see in just 24 hours lol so they started blasting this such wonderful doctor out so" they say"

I'm not going to highly recommend a doctor to anyone until after 6 months to a year.

One more month and it's my turn

Nervous ahhh : / never thought once that I'd be doing cosmetic surgery not only once did I have ass surgery but twice...and in just a month I'll be going a third time...

Here we are my time has come

HI ladies and gentlemen to be honest I was more nervous about the surgery 5 6 months ago now that my surgery is just hours away I'm not so nervous I guess because I know it is what it is I'm all in hoping and praying for the best. The anesthesiologist gave me call not to long ago checking up on me for tomorrow gathering more information about my health appointment is at 10 a.m fingers crossed I will take a few before pictures for you all then when I'm allowed to take my garment off I'll take after pictures with the same bottoms on. Hope that'll help until then pray for me ; )

Few before pictures

I'm here and ready to go

My cute little bag from Augusta surgery center

I made it out safe thank you God

Hello everyone I made it out completely safe and sound my butt is soft, not soft soft but I can tell within the next few months it'll soften a whole lot more. My butt feels like I had a bbl done about a month ago it has some hard with softness to it. I thought the worst about it all even though I'm not half way done with recovery lol but so far so good. Just let you all know i did pay for the shot that last up to 3 days if I'm not mistaken.

decided to delete my pictures

I don't have time to be reading crap about my butt was already big I'm very aware of that if you really really read my reviews it states I already have ass just wanted more perkness more projection to it. Well pictures all gone now and no I will not post anymore catch me on instagram

My experience

My second day out of surgery my pain level isn't to bad even though I paid for the numbing medicine I still have some pain but not extreme. I'm happy that I did pay for the numbing medicine. When I get up out of bed to use the restroom my butt feels heavy I can't see any shape as of now but I'm sure it's going to show as time goes by. Doctor Ewart is a nice guy I'm going to go back to him for my breast next year. At times I think I've gotten addicted to cosmetic surgery "smh" when I arrived at the office I had my pre op done since I'm not from here they just handled everything that morning my surgery was at 10 a.m

I'm just so ready for my final results to show I have much swelling, implants up high I told doctor Ewart to place them not to high and not to low because when everything takes place their going to drop some not much just some sooo he did what I asked him to do. I won't rush my results even if one starts to look different from the other I'll wait it out til 6 months I'll just keep pictures to show him for prof if things don't change. I wouldn't put him on blast because he's human and he will correct his work that's what I like about doctor Ewart. He was nice enough to liposuction fat from my hip that doctor Salama injected to much in one of my hip. I figure if I keep on my antibiotics for a period of time I'll dodge any infections fingers crossed

Can't see or feel

I've read many bad reviews about seeing implants and feeling them well in my case you can't feel my implants nor can you see them. My opinion most people will tell other people bad thing because things didn't go right for them or they don't want you to look as good as them

Took a sneak peek

I'm drowning myself with liquids im barely sleeping because I'm constantly using the toilet, number 1 that is well while in the bathroom I had to get a sneak peek at my twins and I must say this ass on swoll. exactly what I wanted even though I know it's going to go down some I'm ok with that. I pray things continue to work out in my favor

Did you know?

Did you know that your supposed to massage your butt implants 3 to 4 times a day the same as breast implants and brazilian butt lift? Yeah me neither until my doctor told me at my last follow up appointment. Since I live out of state I'm not going to be able to get to him for massages so he showed me how to do them. I told him I read about everything else but the massages they ladies and men must don't know anything about it if so I'm sure someone would have mentioned it. Well I did...Doctor Ewart said that my bbl left me with bad scar tissue says the right buttocks/implant was a hassle but he managed to put it in. One thing I noticed about the implants well let's say for now the implants took all the dents away that I had in both my butt cheeks I pray it stays this way. Doctor Ewart really done a fantastic job on me with my butt implants no problems this far my drains and my stitches are all out. My ass is huge I know i mentioned that before I just had to say it again.

ladies and gentlemen get to know more about doctor Ewart

I feel as though doctor Ewart is a very talented young doctor this guy really did his thing on not only me but on other women and men as well just check him out for yourself you never know just like I didn't every time I was bout to back out the greater me was telling me not to so I just stuck with it. Just like doctor Ewart told me before if I do exactly what he tells me to do I'd be fine having the implants so I'm going to listen to my doctor.

I know

Doctor Ewart work

Here's a few pictures of me with my garment on hope this helps in a week I'll take pictures in those same clothes before surgery

Same shape

Hello all I have been giving myself those messages as doctor Ewart told me to. I have noticed I still have my same hourglass shape that I started out with only thing that's changed is my butt is much more plumped sits up more and smooth like a babies bottom. I'm happy with my results even though they haven't dropped down yet filling out that bottom part but I'm not going crazy about it because I know in due time they will take place but if not doctor Ewart does stands by his work so I'm not worried at all. I think God for doctor Ewart and I'm not only saying this just cause I mean it from my heart. I'm thankful that I didn't go out of the country being a follower not believing in our American cosmetic surgeons. God forbid if something seriously happens while in surgery or after surgery just out of the country Would be to risky. I don't know we all have our own decisions to make.

My incision

My incision looks incredible doctor Ewart sewed me back together nicely I don't have two incisions I have just one and it has not opened up thank god for blessing doctor Ewart with his talent. My butt/implants are getting softer by the day when I take my garment off to shower as I walk to the bathroom I can feel my ass moving not like jello though. I'm in love with my phat ass I rub and say a prayer on them everyday that nothing happens to them. Their my babies and I gotta take care of them the best way I can. Yes I do have muscle spasms Shooting through my butt but that's a part of it and that's what pain meds are for. Most women don't care for a big phat ass but me I'm different I'm in the category of the phat asses yessssss hunty slay!!! "Lol" I pray my butt doesn't shrink anymore seriously because I'm loving this size. I did start off with a big butt but just wide with dents without projection Soooo for the women who had no ass at all who gotten implants and their butts still looks big and nice I'm sure mine should pretty much remain big....fingers crossed


My recovery is going by well seems like I didn't even have surgery at times I forget I even have butt implants. When I do my routine "massages" I can't feel my implants anymore but my ass still big sitting up perfectly. So so happy I went to doctor Ewart I just can't believe it I'm so happy I'm smiling from ear to ear. I wished I was brave enough to post my pictures so you all can see how amazing this guy have me looking now I look like a vixen real shit no lie body banging.

breast implants soon

I'll be having my breast done soon as I recover completely 6 months to a year can't wait

It's real self real people real life

If something wasn't right I will let you all know if a doctor did his thing I'm going to give him his props it's not like I'm getting any free work any discounts for giving a good review a good word for doctor Ewart he really did his damn thang

Still no complaints

All the horrible stories I've read about implants butt implants that is I must say I haven't experienced any of them as I may have mentioned before. Well its now a month for me since my surgery
and I'm still well no complaints at all yes I'm still giving myself massages as my doctor recommend for a few more weeks then no more, the massages is so that the butt implants would not get stiff into the pocket I think that's about right. You do want your butt implants to feel real and not be stiff right? Well all in all my butt implants has soften up a lot I'm so happy for them, they haven't completely dropped yet I'm not worried because I'm only a month but they damn sure looking good better then before. I have my perkness going on you can't tell me nothing. I know doctor's says you can sit way before 3 months but their not the ones who spent thousands of dollars so I'm going to wait 3 months to sit I know that's crazy but what's crazy is spending thousands of dollars and it's going down the drain....yeah! Before getting butt implants I was so freaked out i felt like I was losing my damn mind I felt like I wanted them then I felt like I didn't want them, then I felt like I wanted them so on and so. It became apart of my life it stressed me the F&#* out then I started reading my daily horoscope, basically my horoscope told me I've been planning on doing a big project and I have been having doubts about it, said that I'm not the one to plan big things then just drop them. Told me to go with my gut feeling, well everyday I will read my horoscope and again it will say this same stuff about a big event or a big something that was planned. With all that being said I stuck it out and got my butt implants and happy that I did get them. Sorry for the run on sentences lol

Does butt implants change your hips?

Women have asked this question before because I've read it on here "real self" from my experience, before my butt implants my hip was very wide, wider than my butt. What I mean about wider than my butt is my hips stuck out more than my but did if you understand what I mean. If you don't understand what I'm saying ok I'll explain, from the front my hips was wide, if I turned around to the back my butt wasn't sticking out like my hips was, my butt was just wide no my butt wasn't flat it just wasn't plumped. Ok now back to the butt implants changing the hips, with my butt implants my hips aren't as wide anymore I still have the hourglass shape going on. I think the butt implants pushed my hips well my skin backwards lol I don't know if I explained that right but yeah. It's not ugly I like it way better this way. Much better who want very wide hips no smh everything is well porportion now.

Two months since surgery

Long journey ladies I still haven't sat or laid down on my butt yet. But had dropped but not much, going through surgery along with the recovery you have to have a positive mind set just keep that in mind, that is with any surgery. I'm still around if anyone have any questions just ask me I'll be honest and straight forward with you, from bbl to tummy tuck let alone butt implants. In my view if your going to get ass work done I'd say get butt implants along with fat grafting way better results no complaints about seeing your implants nor feeling the implants. Butt implants are for more projection unlike bbl alone, after a while with just getting bbl along the fat will melt down leaving you with a drop butt no projection. That's from my experience both times I had bbl my ass went down. So all this second and third rounds is out of control seriously it is. When you sit back and think about it all its very depressing and stressful ladies, you feel as though you've been let down so many times by people you put your time and trust in "the doctors, nurses,And Care Coordinator" my reasons for saying this is to save you money most importantly your health and time. If your going to do something do it right the first time. We don't get any credit from these doctors we're making rich, then when something goes wrong with us after spending thousands of dollars with them the first round they wants to charge us thousands more to fix problems they added on to the problems you had before. Just be smart about any decisions you make of course we know that's with life along surgery is no fun going through it and recovering from it. I recommend bbl with fat grafting if I knew about this from start I would have done it this way from start not start to finish.


Most people think oh if I get liposuction everything will be OK and I wouldn't have to workout. That's a bummer you will still need to workout, just because you get liposuction doesn't mean you won't get that back back let alone the fat will start storing in other areas. My fat staring to store in my arms and breast but I refuse to let it get out of control I watch what I eat I'll be dammed if I let fat take over me I invested to much money on my body I'm a walking car, house and much more all the money I've spent in the past 3 years.


Here's some pictures



It's all good at first

Well I wasn't going to write about what's going on with me and my results but I decided that I should just to help others decide on if they want butt implants or not. Surgery let alone is a 50/50 chance of a great result. The reason I chose to get butt implants was due to lost of projection after two bbl's. I sent in wish pictures to the doctor also before pictures of me. Well the doctor choose to use 520cc round implants on me, I was told from another doctor before doctor Ewart that my butt is to long for round implants. After sending in wish pictures and before pictures to doctor Ewart I figured I'd take a trip to see him in person to size my butt and still he chose to use round butt implants on me. OK so time for surgery I went and everything was great no complications what so ever everything was just fine. Well as time passed me by I started to notice I had a dent at the bottom of my butt cheek which I thought OK no big deal because I'm still healing. Time went by but my right implant is still high it has not dropped at all. Doctor Ewart says it's because of scar tissue, my left implant did drop a lot but I have a dent on that side as well I actually thought I wouldn't have any problems with that left implant but I thought wrong. The left implant actually shift smh. This journey has been long and depressing for me. I went back in to Doctor Ewart to fix the dent with fat grafting which I had to pay $500 that didn't help the problem. Now I have to pay $1650 for a revision. My revision is on the 17th at 6:30a.m I pray I come out alive. Going under to many surgeries isn't good at all. Doctor Ewart told me what if this problem happens again...That response has me even more worried at times I think I didn't pick the right doctor to work on me. I have been trying to keep calm as possible I have bad dreams about this whole situation I stay taking pictures of my butt, I don't know why I'm steady taking pictures like something going to change. My butt looks horrible when I put on clothes you can see the dent and the flatness at the bottom and sides. I have to wear a pair of cut up leggings under my clothes to hide it, I wear long maxi skirts to hide myself. I stopped hanging out because I'm so down about my butt. I asked my family if they think I should have a revision they thinks I should just get them out but I feel like I put to much money into this the least I can do is try one last time, if it doesn't go right just have them removed. I don't know if Doctor Ewart is for certain of his work I just don't know anymore. Doctor Ewart is a very kind guy who's willing to fix his mistakes and try to go beyond to help if he can. Some doctors is only good for certain things and certain things they not good at. I know doctor Ewart wants to make me happy and satisfied the best way he can. I just want this to be all over with. At times I wish I just wouldn't have put myself in this situation. I feel like Doctor Ewart should have known that my butt was to long for round implants even if I did sent him wish pictures he should have said round implants isn't good for your butt just be honest with me I would have understood. If someone says to you a doctor to be exact what if it happens again how would you honestly think? Not trying to bash Doctor Ewart I just want for him to be certain of his work. Maybe he's never worked on a person who had two bbl's fat transfer who knows...This isn't cheap going through surgery let alone all the pain you gotta go through then later to find out it didn't work out in your favor. Straight depressing, when he does lower my implants what if they are to low and starts to sag ahhhhhhhh straight up bs.

Had my revision scar tissue removed implants placed back in

Had a revision hope everything turns out well. We all want big butts we go out our way to achieve the big butts. We cheer on our doctors etc... saying their the best and all they may have done great work on a few women but when it comes down to you seems like shit fails. Bbls round one round two, butt implants ugh it's all a risk. The risk is a waste of money. I had scar tissue removed to see if that had anything to do with my butt implant wasn't dropping. The doctor says what if the problem happens again? OK so if the problem happens again that would mean one thing, my scar tissue wasn't the problem. I do pray that it doesn't happen again. Tbh we wasting money just to look good for a few months or a year then back to where we started at. It's really a depressing situation after saving up or getting loans for surgery, then you stress yourself out before surgery because you want things to turn out right. After surgery you be in so much pain for a few months, when you heal up your looking your best for a few months to a year then start seeing your results melt away, then you want another round. Ladies I can write a book on what I went through trying to have a nice ass that'll stay in place. I guess we all should be happy with ourselves inside and out if God meant for us to have big olé booties that's what he would have blessed us with, guess that's why all the money we're spending for ass isn't turning out the way "we" want it to be. I wish I knew who Black China went to for her butt implants because her implants are amazing even the one's that started to sag which she got re did.

I don't know if I'm bringing impatient

I think I'm rushing my results or something I don't know. But what I see is not good results, My butt is really flat in the middle and fullness at the bottom ugh omfg I don't know if the flatness is due to the removing of the scar tissue or because he removed the implants then placed them back, not sure. I already see a decent on the left side of my butt ugh hopefully later my butt will drop some and fix the dent. Boy this is a journey for me. Ladies please I'm begging you to do research don't rush yourself for failure get much information on the doctor, make sure you see lots of before and after pictures. Remember these doctors is to sell themselves to us so we can chose them for our money. Any cosmetic surgeon can perform Bbls, beast implants, butt implants so on and so, and not be the right doctor for you. There have been ladies who have gotten illegal butt shots who has better butts then these cosmetic surgeons. They say Bbls are the best natural looking way to go, but with Bbls your fat melts within 6 months to a year. With implants your implants could be half of your butt, get infections, one sitting up higher then the other, or just shifting on you later down the road. All this butt surgery stuff is overwhelming almost all the women on real self including me butt implants fail. The majority of the women who has had Bbl fat melted and is going for round two or three, or just completely gaven up on Bbls. No matter how much I give my opinion people are going to do what they feel all I can do is share my experience with the ass jobs.

Don't write a review on your doctor until...

Ladies don't write a review on your doctor until your final results like 8 to 12 months. Moving to fast about the doctors will have you regretting your words. See I like to be honest about everything I don't like to leave anything out. No doctor Ewart isn't a bad doctor of course not, during my bad implants he was still trying to correct the problem at no cost to him.


Will this flatness in the middle of my butt go away? I'm so frustrated because I have flatness in the middle of both butt cheeks results aren't looking good to me there's already a fck up forming a dent like before on the left side of my cheek this is really aggy. My doctor told me he's not to good at fat grafting I told him I received 1300cc of fat before he told me he has never put that much fat into anyone. Told me maybe he does it wrong, probably not the same exact words but he said it. At times I think I just chosen the wrong doctor for my butt implants idk. I must admit he does try to correct things though not for free but at a reasonable price. But when your all out of money your shit out of luck. I still haven't paid off my loans I used for this surgery then to turn around and have to pay to correct things but things seems to be turning out the same way. I try to keep positive about this revision but if I'm seeing what I saw with my first butt implant surgery first thing comes to mind is this shit is going to happen again. My butt has no shape to it at all, when I first had my butt implant surgery at least they had a pop out look to the butt. This time after the revision it's like omg where is the shape, where is that pop, why so flat in the middle whyyyyyyyyy? And I mean it's flat in the middle!!!! It's fluffy well a little around the bottom and the sides but the middle is flat. My butt is much wider this time I guess it's due to the doctor trying to place the implants closer towards my hips. In the first butt implant surgery he had the implants in the middle guess that's why my hips didn't look wide anymore. I don't know by him placing my implants closer to my hips is the reason why my butt is flat in the middle smh idk. Then again I'm only a week out but I've never seen anyone's with a result like mine. I pray I don't end up with a flat in the middle booty that is not sexy or cute. My butt on the outside like at the bottom and on the sides already soft but the middle is hard and flat.

I still have my drains in

It's been one week and 3 days since my revision I still have my drains in, not the doctors fault though it's mine. I didn't go back to have them taken out because I couldn't make it but I will be going to have them removed on October 1st that's the only time I could make it. I must say I have no complications thank god the drains aren't bothering me at all one is still draining and one isn't draining at all. I have been taking showers with them in, I don't sit on my butt and will not be sitting on it for another 6 weeks ugh.. Lord knows I just want for this round to work out in my favor. I pray by the doctor sitting the implants lower this round I will not experience a saggy butt in the future. I pray I don't experience one higher implant and one low one, I pray that when I go back to Doctor Ewart he can try to move my left implant over where the dent is to pop it out.

After my first butt implants surgery

After my first implants surgery my butt didn't seem to big well I must say 3 4 months later my butt grew very big it was a really big booty. I'm not going to say I didn't like it because I love big butts but cute. Well even though I had that really big butt my implants looked deformed on the sides but not from behind or in the middle it was just on the sides. One implant was sitting up higher but it wasn't much noticeable well I noticed it. One was kinda perfect but down the road it popped out of place it's really unexplainable I could feel the implant I tried to push it back in place but it wasn't working. Well the Doctor Ewart said it was due to scar tissue. Well we all are going to believe what our doctors tells us so OK it was due to scar tissue. I won't blame my doctor for my butt implant failure but one part of me wants to blame him but why though. Mmmm mind playing tricks on ya.. All I can say is I'm blessed that my doctor didn't charge me 8000 dollars for a revision. There are doctor's out here that's charging their patients big bucks. Doctor Ewart is a sweetheart though despite of my flatness I'm having. I feel kinda bad because I sent him a email being mean I think I was being mean. Lol I told him every time you work on me something else goes wrong. I guess that was pretty mean to say to him when I was only one or two days out of surgery. Lol if your reading this or Rachel sorry for going off on you Doctor Ewart. But my butt is still flat in the middle hope it pops out and get fuller, I know you tried your best to fix the horrible problem I had before. Not to mention he sewed me up again nicely and once again no infections as of yet only thing I have a uti ugh who wants that???!!! I hate it when my Lil mama is irritated. My first implants was so close to my butt crack that's why I had flatness and dents on the sides of my butt. The reason Doctor Ewart placed my implants up high as they was before so once the implants dropped they wouldn't drop down to much and sag. Well now that he placed them lower I'm terrified this time because I don't want them to sag, they are lower this time.

I had questions for my doctor but questions unanswered.

I emailed Doctor Ewart questions about my results but no answers from him so I asked doctors on here. The questions was why is my butt so flat in the middle? Will my butt ever get the round shape look again? Will my butt pop out down the road? How much fat tissue did you take out? The doctors answers was, No you will not get the roundness you had before because when you remove scar tissue then re use the first implants it takes away volume leaving the butt flat. My thing Is if this is true I feel like Doctor Ewart should have let me know that this would or could happen. See this the shit I be talking about don't just do work on people without letting them know what could happen. Let the patient's decide if he or she wants to go ahead with the surgery. So now I'm left without projection to my butt plus a flat ass in the middle this is bs on top of it all I have a dent on the left side of my butt again. Trying to go have a revision to look better actually making me look worse. By the doctor removing my scar tissue and if the implants doesn't work out this time and I get them removed I'm going to end up with no ass at all due to scar tissue removal. Remember I had butt before the implants I just didn't have projection. With all that being said I really wasted my money on bbls hell I wasted money on this ass surgery altogether point blank. I spent over 20,000 dollars on ass surgery that's a brand new car or something way more important.

Went to my appointment

Went to see the doctor to have my drains taken out everything looks good with the drains. Only thing isn't looking good is my left cheek, the dent is still there I asked the doctor why and he told me its because of possible more scar tissue or my skin is just tight. Im like huh he really has no clue why I have a dent on the side of my butt this shit is so fucking stressful. He also told me well its not going to be are you freaking serious with that response?! My ass cheek on the side looks deform smh. He also told me lets just keep an eye on that side...well I really don't think that dent will improve I know it will only get worse like before.

I have a dent on my left butt cheek

The dent on my left butt cheek is caused by the implant, you can see how the implant is pop out on the side with a deep dent. Doctor Ewart can't find the problem he doesn't know why the problem is happening. Im wondering if I could get a fat transfer to try and correct it. But doctor Ewart isn't good with fat grafting to the butt I need to go see.different doctors in Miami to see if the problem could be fixed with fat transfer.


One of my butt cheek is way larger than the other one. Before my revision one of my butt cheek was sitting up higher than, I thought the reason for a revision is to correct the problem you had before. My right cheek is super large and rounder and higher then my left cheek. My left cheek isn't as round like the right side, my left cheek is sitting much lower very noticeable like before the revision. Im wondering if Doctor Ewart just opened me back up to lower my butt implants or did he take the implants out then replacing them back in...if he didn't take them out how did he remove scar tissue...the flatness I was seeing in the beginning after my revision has popped out some its not so much fat anymore. I do still have the dent on the left side of my butt cheek.
Augusta Plastic Surgeon

I'll post more after I see my final result after my revision

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