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I went to see Mr. Lucian yesterday because I am...

I went to see Mr. Lucian yesterday because I am not happy about my rhinoplasty results. I have a small dent on the left side and the right side is caved in. He examined my nose internally and took photos. He thinks my rhinoplasty was done by a good surgeon and my nose is healing very well so I have no major problems. He did a simulation and showed me how the bridge would become smooth. I was happy about it but he said he might need a graft to support the right side specially if too much of the septum was removed in the previous operation. He also mentioned that 100% result is not possible specially that there are already asymmetry in both side of the face. I complained in my previous review about my nose trills in which one is higher than the other so they are not on the same level. He told me that is not a result of rhinoplasty. It is assymetry that originally present but was not notable before shortening or having surgery on the nose. He generally thinks my surgeon did a good job and he can help me to smooth the bridge. I feel relieved that my operation did not result in damages or disfigurement though I am not happy about the shape of my nose at all. I am planning to do a revision next summer.


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