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I am a dfab nonbinary trans person (also called "FTN" in some medical circles) and I had a radical breast reduction and flank liposuction performed by Dr. Steinwald in February 2016. I had originally planned to have top surgery ("chest masculinization") with him in August 2014 but had to cancel my procedure due to financial hardship stemming from discrimination in the workplace and losing my job. I was so pleased and put at ease by Dr. Steinwald's manner at my consultation the first time around that as soon as I had reached a more financially stable place, I made arrangements to travel from Chicago to Golden, CO, where his practice had moved in the interim. I had also by this point decided that I did want to have breasts, just much much smaller ones. I'm 5'8", weigh 150 lbs, and was originally a 34F cup; Steinwald reduced me to a small B cup and also eliminated fat deposits on my hips, slimming me down into a more androgynous silhouette. I have fibromyalgia and I was afraid that the pain might be unbearable, but it was very manageable with Dr. Steinwald's assistance. I was walking around with relative ease on day 3 after my surgery and on day 5 I was able to explore the town outside my hotel room and enjoy the sunshine. I couldn't be happier with my results! I no longer have to wear a bra and look supermodel flat-chested in most clothes, but I also still have the option of wearing a soft stretchy binder if I want to be completely flat, which is something I could never achieve before even with uncomfortable heavy duty binding. The freedom is amazing! I no longer feel constantly overheated and claustrophobic, I can run without being in pain, and I actually like the way I look in my clothes now! I highly recommend Dr. Steinwald to anyone, especially genderqueer/trans individuals, looking for a higher level of comfort in their body.

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