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Quick background: - 26 year old caucasian woman...

Quick background:
- 26 year old caucasian woman with lifelong dark circles/ deep and low tear troughs that got "worse" as my face matured in my late teens
- 1st time getting tear troughs filled: I was 22 y/o and got Juvederm Ultra with a cannula from Dr. Shafer in NYC, ecstatic with results.
-2nd time getting tear troughs filled I was 25 y/o and got Restalyne injected with regular needle by Dr. Friedlander in NJ, was super swollen and bruised for a week after and was never happy with the results; it was as if she didn't understand my anatomy well and filled the wrong area. Let the filler dissolve over time.
-3rd time was this afternoon, a month shy of a year from my Restalyne thing, decided to stop looking for a better deal and go with the doc who I knew would take care of me again: Dr. Shafer. So happy that I made this decision AND that I went back to doing Juvederm Ultra with the cannula again- virtually no bruising, and not anticipating much noticeable swelling- just an instant confidence booster, which feels so wonderful!

I wrote a very in-depth, diary-like review the first time I got my low and indented tear troughs fixed with Juvederm Ultra by Dr. Shafer, and going through the process 4 years later, I'm really just as happy and know for sure that I found the doctor who can give me the alteration I desire in a way that totally works for me. I think when you find that, you hold on to it. His prices are a on the higher side for a syringe of HA filler I suppose, but I went the route of paying hundreds less and it felt like a total waste, and I am not interested in playing those odds again- not with my money and this face ;) If you are wanting to get tear troughs corrected, please understand that it doesn't take the same skill as plumping your lips or injecting Botox, it can easily look so wrong in this very delicate area if you "shop" based on bargain and not training, experience and talent.

If you are in the tri-state area and are looking to get your tear troughs looking the way you dream they could look-- restful, youthful, in balance with your face-- go to Dr. Shafer. If you are nowhere near his office, go to someone with credentials like his and a demeanor that makes YOU feel like you are making the right decision for you; it is the difference between feeling like you've wasted money to look just as "bad" as before, and feeling free.

Some final words from my POV on the whole Juvederm vs Restalyne in the tear troughs debate I've noticed on here: While a few factors played into my experiences with both fillers that maybe clouded my ability to compare them both fairly, I will continue to go with Juvederm. I've never gotten the Tyndall effect, which happens when the doctor injects the product too superficially; it's clear Dr Shafer injected right by the bone in my case because that low ocular bone was where the divot was, and that space has been beautifully filled as of today. He was pretty confident that none of those rumored "cons" of Juvederm in this area would arise for me since those issues really have to do with the lack of skill of the injector, rather than the product. I felt like it lasted longer than the Restalyne did, and oddly enough while I read that Juvederm tends to like to absorb water more than Restalyne leading to some increased puffiness from water retention (which no one wants in a tear trough filler) I thought that-- and it may be because I was filled too high up on my tear trough-- Restalyne produced a puffy eye throughout its time and Juvederm only did a little bit during the first week or so of settling. Every face and body is different, but I think that if you try a product and *love* it, there's no need to try the other to see if it's somehow better-- to quote Dr. Shafer, "If it's not broke, don't fix it."

Best thing to hear a plastic surgeon say, IMO :)

4 days later-- still all good :)

I know the doctor says that it'll take about 2 weeks to see the "final" result, but I have a feeling my final results won't look much different from what I see now, which is perfect! I didn't have bruising (bless that cannula) but I did notice that the wrinkles beneath my lower eyelid are a bit deeper, as if there is some swelling beneath them that is pushing the skin up, and this could be just from normal eye puffiness in the morning, but I think it could be while the product is still "settling"? It's not my favorite thought that under eye wrinkles could get more pronounced from this, but I know I'm crazy nitpicky and it's not even a huge deal. I'll just keep an eye on it! I'm more glad that my undereyes aren't puffy!

Lightly pushing on my tear troughs and high cheeks to wash my face or remove my makeup did feel sore for a few days after (from the cannula going through there), but not even enough to require an aspirin. It's Friday and the soreness to my muscles is basically gone.

Another thing I will say about Dr. Shafer (Diamond certified filler expert) vs. my last doctor (not an expert) is that he seemed to know exactly where to place the filler on my face to make me look better overall. He did it low on my ocular bone and I feel right at the hilt of my cheek, which just made the filling-in seamless and beautiful. I have strong cheekbones and high ones at that, so filling in some hollowness where the eyes meet the cheek when he performed this tear trough filler was him showing me that he understood how to listen to *my* facial structure and bring out *my* beauty, whereas the last doctor, I truly feel, tried to fit my anatomy into her knowledge of tear trough filling, and therefore filled too high, since my tear troughs are lower than average. Should have known when she looked at me and said "I think it's your cheeks that need filling" and then proceeded to feel my ocular bone and went "Oh no you're right-- those are your tear troughs" smh– not knowing your anatomy by looking at you is a red flag indeed.

I love how much more free I feel. No longer feeling like a slave to sunglasses, hiding from bad lighting, or heavy makeup that needs to be touched up hourly to look good. You may know that these things make your heart hurt when you feel you're bound to them, but you don't really know the relief of loosening your death grip on them until you have what you wanted: not just the reflection you want to see, but some freedom.
Dr. David Shafer

Shoutout to the staff and the office coordinator Corrine, who is hands-down the loveliest person to talk details with/ answer questions both on the phone and in-person. She's a ray of sunshine and you just know that Dr. Shafer likes having a staff that is as friendly and positive as he is. Views from his office are also absolutely incredible, just a beautiful overall experience so worth the price.

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