My wife thinks I look like I did when I was 40

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Tampa Oculoplastic Surgeon

Hello, I am a 60-year-old male who just had three procedures done by Dr. Scheiner: total face resurfacing, lateral canthopexy and a lower blepharoplasty. Over the last few years my face started showing a lifetime of sun damage. I’d worked in agricultural and construction jobs until I was 26, competed in swimming and water polo in high school and college, spent summers as a California beach lifeguard, and coached my daughters’ softball teams. Ugly dark age spots began appearing on my face, along with deep wrinkles and other sun damage characteristics I had seen in my dad’s face. My father had 11 skin cancers removed from his face and neck by the time he was my age. After the cancer removals his face looked ... “pockmarked” is not quite the right word, but you couldn’t help but notice the many disfigurements. He was a proud man who died a few years later from cancer, and I remember being relieved at his funeral that the mortician had hidden his scars. There was some dignity in that. The opportunity to erase the sun damage and possibly prevent skin cancer was the main reason I decided to have the procedures done, but I have to admit that the lower eyelid bags I had were bad too. No matter how much sleep I got, I always looked tired and older than I am. Before my procedure there were health forms, waivers and guidelines to be read and signed, and after the procedure too. Although the practice was almost too thorough, I appreciated the attention to detail and interest in providing a safe and successful procedure. Dr. Scheiner's office is beautiful, and is a cut above most doctors’ offices I have visited. It is located across the street from the surgical center where the procedure took place. His receptionist greeted me warmly, and this was typical of the entire staff, including Dr. Scheiner himself. Toni, who is Dr Scheiner’s Destination Patient Coordinator, was particularly welcoming and professional every time I was in the office. The atmosphere was warm, comfortable, and professional. They were friendly and solicitous of my feelings and made all my questions seem like good ones. I never had a feeling of being rushed, which made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Scheiner has a very intelligent and warm way about him that provided the same overall feeling that his staff did. I appreciated his attention to detail in describing the procedure and in examining my face, and also appreciated watching his videos on the procedure and pictures of other patients who’d had the procedure before. The surgical center staff was also very nice, kind, and professional. They went out of their way to make me comfortable both before and after the procedure. As I traveled to Tampa alone, I needed to have a nurse with me for the first 8 hours after the procedure — and she was great. She helped me get the knack of how to do the required soaks, as well as the rest of the after-surgery procedures. I was told that the soaks and after care were a big part of my final results, so I was very careful to do all that was required. The soaks, etc. are a full time job for at least a week afterwards, and though I suppose one could get some work done, I think it’s better to think of the process as a full time job for at least a week. I'm not going to lie … after that you won't want to go out in public for a bit! When I first looked in the mirror after the procedure it wasn’t pretty, and I say that as a man who doesn't blanch at much. I wondered what I had done to myself, and it took two to three days before I stopped looking scary. After about a week I was able to go out in public without feeling too self-conscious – I just looked like I had a bad sunburn. Of course, your results may vary — I healed fast. (I must say that direct sunlight was a little painful, even a few seconds’ worth: I felt like a vampire running from the sun. Lesson: listen to Dr. Scheiner and stay covered!) Several post-op visits are required so Dr. Scheiner can check on how you’re healing and address any complications that might occur. You’ll be on a number of medications both before and a couple weeks after the procedure. Dr. Scheiner and Toni continued to check in on me after I came home. Dr. Scheiner had me send photos and talked to me on the phone several times, and the office continues to check in on me. It’s been over a month now, and they are still calling. Impressive. Dr. Scheiner found early skin cancer on my face during the treatment, and given my dad’s death from cancer I was relieved to know I’d had this procedure and had stopped the early cancer from progressing. The procedure also improved the health of my skin and improved my appearance as well. So, how do I look now? My wife thinks I look like I did when I was 40, but with healthier looking skin with no scars or sun damage. The procedure did improve the health of my skin. It is more youthful and firm. My eyelid bags are completely gone. Dr. Scheiner told me that my face would look even better over the next 4-6 months as it builds collagen. I also want to mention a little thing that meant a lot - when I forgot sunscreen (remember, if you do this you’ll be a sun-avoiding vampire for a while, and you’ll need to use sunscreen!), Dr. Scheiner’s office had it delivered to where I was staying, which I found both kind and considerate.

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