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Where do I start?! I'm 22, live in Miami, Florida and have wanted to get breast implants since before I can remember. I've been insecure about mine my own life because I literally had NOTHING. People tell me "just wear a wonder/push-up bra!" How do you do that with absolutely nothing to push up? I was finally able to start looking around and I was willing to pay whatever I had to so that I could achieve the most natural breast augmentation possible. I didn't want to just go to anyone cause I knew with how small I naturally was, it would take real technique and skill to achieve how natural I wanted it to look, opposed to having two huge implants just obviously poking out of my chest! I didn't want to go huge, just something to fit my body. And I spoke to a lot of people who had boob jobs and the doctor went in and gave them something they didn't ask for just cause they decided "oh this size looks better on you" I wasn't taking my chances! So, boyyyy did I do my research! I didn't keep myself limited to Miami at all & to no surprise I came across doctors in Beverly Hills & I came across Dr. Rahbans site and was more than impressed by how natural ALL his breast augmentations appeared. So I wasted no time! Continued my research off of his website cause usually people only post their good reviews on their own website but I kept running into good news! I wasted no time making my appointment and booking my flight! My consultation! I felt no need to be shy (I mean after all I was pretty sure the whole office was gonna see my breast!) and they in no way whatsoever gave me reason to be shy! The kindest people I've ever met. Dr. Rahban's number one priority is making sure you're educated on everything he's gonna be doing! From the facts about your natural boobs to facts about your future implants to how he puts the implant in to the realistic sizing, etc etc! I felt great already because I barely had to ask question because he answered everything before I could even get a chance to be concerned! Post-op My boobs looked great before they were even healed! My recovery was as awesome as it could get! Don't get me wrong, I've never gone through any type of surgery or let alone any major hospital visit (not even for a broken bone) in my life! So I was the epitome of a nervous and anxious wreck! But now I look back and laugh because I could not be any happier with my results! I don't regret one single thing about my decision to go to Dr. Rahban! And I wish I could thank him 100000 times! Say no to the hype! (Meaning say no to where everyone else is telling u to go!) cause I was often asked "why didn't you go to Dr. Miami?!" Because I made an educated decision! Not just a "I want it and I want it now, who's most convenient?" Decision! Sorry for the novel but it was more than worth it! Thank you again to the whole office!

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