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Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

I'll preface this review with the notation that I am an incredibly specific and detail oriented person. Part of my job is making sure that financial advisors are legally compliant before making large annuity transfers, so extensive research is part of my daily regimen . That being said, I used every possible resource to research surgeons and the labiaplasty procedure itself. I came across HK and found that all three surgeons are almost overqualified in their fields. I read parts of their published articles/journals/presentations and researched their awards (I warned you-I'm very detail oriented). Look at Dr. Bharti's "Curriculum Vitae" on the HK website and try not to be impressed. Go ahead, I'll wait. My first consultation/appointment could not have gone better. From the nurses to the scheduling, I had an incredible experience. Dr. Bharti made me feel comfortable and confident with a procedure that is so sensitive and almost taboo (when it comes to women embracing their natural bodies and loving themselves for who they are etc, etc. ). Prior to the surgery, I emailed Dr. Bharti with multiple questions regarding the procedure- he responded quickly and put all of my concerns to rest. The day of the surgery was nerve wracking at first but the entire staff made me feel comfortable and we actually had a laugh while I was on the table regarding Dr. Bharti's music preferences (you choose what plays during the surgery). When I got home, Dr. Bharti called twice to check on me (I missed both calls because I was asleep) and we spoke that afternoon to touch base on how I was feeling, if I had any questions/concerns and what my next steps were. The healing process is not easy when you have a job/active lifestyle but the time spent resting/waiting was well worth it. Any time I had a question, I emailed Dr. Bharti and he responded within 20 minutes. The ONLY thing that was slightly confusing was that my first few follow ups were with PAs and not Dr. Bharti himself. This is something that actually worked out in my situation because of the area the surgery was performed and the time of the month..... I reached out to him and his concern was so great that the office called me 5 minutes after we got off of the phone to schedule an earlier appointment with him. He told me that he was proud of me (what? I was proud of him! Ha!), that everything looked fabulous (it still does), and from now on he would like to meet with me and not a PA. I am two months post op and could not be happier with the results. My experience was incredible. All in all, Dr. Bharti is someone you would like to have as your friend. He is talented, trustworthy and confident in his practice (and patients!). The fact that he's easy on the eyes just seals the deal.

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