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Over the moon - Tunbridge Wells, GB

Male Breast Reduction

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17 Nov 2016

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Over the moon - Tunbridge Wells, GB

Couldn't recommend Mr Pacifico and his team highly enough. Unfortunately this wasn't my first attempt at correcting my gynecomastia having already undergone the operation with a different surgeon, my first experience was a pretty bad one where i encountered hematomas, excessive scar tissue and a crater deformity in one side. Having read that the problems i was left with were far from easy to rectify i had pretty much resided myself to the fact that i was stuck with a chest that i wasn't happy with, but i finally decided to give it one last go and book a consultation with Mr Pacifico and straight away knew he was the man for the job. The surgery was a success and the healing process has gone extremely well with the help of the specialist nurses and staff. Mr Pacifico made it clear for me to have realistic expectations but they have easily been surpassed and i couldnt be happier with the result, my only regret is that i didn't go to see him in the first place.