"THANK YOU" Dr. Kenneth Kim! He is amazing, did NOT hurt and changed my life!

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Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

"THANK YOU" Dr. Kenneth Kim! He has genuinely "changed" my life! I am so fortunate to have met him! He is very talented with surgical skills, very passionate and takes a meticulous scientific approach for his work to ensure the best outcome for his patients. I’m an Asian male, and had eye lid surgery done by Dr. Kenneth Kim. Because of him, I am finally confident whenever I'm in contact and talking to people in social settings as well as my professional settings. I can now, finally and confidently make continuous eye contact with people and feel very comfortable! I’m also confident in making eye contact with girls...lol...but THIS IS TRUE! After Dr. Kenneth Kim worked on my eyes, I am now able to open my eyes fully, without having to frown my forehead. Please don't hesitate to contact me, should you want to see my eye lid surgery pictures. I will gladly send it to you. Dr. Kim, strengthened my eye muscles drastically, and now I can open my eyes without frowning, and he also created a nice natural fold on my eye lids. I was very nervous about the eye lid surgery. Hence, I contacted two plastic surgeons in South Pasadena, and another one in Beverly Hills. Why I decided to go with Dr. Kim, was because he made me feel comfortable, and was very honest and realistic about the entire process. He consulted with me about what I can expect, and was very realistic and honest about my goals. He never tried to convince or push me into getting the surgery. His price was also reasonable. As any event, you should plan ahead for scheduling,...he was accommodating to my schedule. Before the surgery, his nurses will provide you a list in advance; and help you prepare for the surgery by calling in the prescription for your antibiotics and the eye cream, so you will be prepared for a comfortable healing at home. Surgery day: The nurses assisted me with all the necessary pre-operation preparation, and made me feel very comfortable. At the beginning of the surgery, I was given a local anesthesia, and I was pleasantly surprised because of lack of any pain during the surgery..., he was also very personable and spoke to me during the surgery. He asked me, and made sure that I was doing OK throughout the entire surgery. After I went home, the swelling was naturally there, but after about three days, the swelling started to slowly go down. The first day after the surgery, it was uncomfortable, naturally. About the second and third day, the discomfort was almost gone, and it was crazy how there was really not much pain at all! My lack of any major bruises nor lack of pain is an attribute to Dr. Kenneth Kim's meticulous and relatively non-invasive surgical skills, that puts him above his peers. Dr. Kim is extremely professional and diligent....right after the surgery, he was already making detailed notes regarding my surgery, so that he will be accurate on his comments and notes regarding me. As I was leaving, they provided me with nice two soft ice packs for my eyes, and offered a three month post-op consultation. Because of the nice experience, I wanted to go back to see the staff and Dr. Kim, but I never had to go back, because everything went very well. As days went by, my eyes look better and better, and the swelling went away ...I am so fortunate to have met Dr. Kim. I thank him for my confidence whenever I'm with people, and especially whenever I go out on a social event for the evening. For all Asians and non Asians, I would seriously and 'strongly" recommend to go see Dr. Kenneth Kim! Have a realistic expectation, and he will pleasantly exceed your expectation and change your social life!

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