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Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

I had a Rhinoplasty performed at least 5 years ago with a different surgeon to correct breathing problems and chronic sinus infections. Whilst my breathing improved, I never saw a reduction in sinus infections, but considered it a partial win and never thought too much of it again. I had also noticed that over the years, my nose took on a new shape which made it appear bulbous towards the tip. After years of struggling through countless infections, I decided to look into revision options. I had moved countries so needed to find a new ENT doctor, which lead me to Dr Alexander. I initially had a minor revision-procedure done by him for my ear, and was surprised at how comparatively quick, easy and painless it was, as well as how down to earth he was. I didn't look into my nose problems for at least another year; looking back I don't know why. I met with Dr Alexander again to discuss my sinus and aesthetic concerns, and he assessed that my turbinates were slightly restrictive which could have some degree of play into my sinus infections. He also discussed how my septum could be corrected to create a stronger, more balance profile. Happy with his assessment, we went ahead with the procedure and I am now 1 week post-op. Every aspect of the recovery so far has been significantly better in comparison to my first Rhinoplasty. The procedure was done in a comfortable clinic instead of a hospital and I was not required to stay overnight like I was the first time. I experienced virtually no pain this time around, and sustained no bruising. I did experience a little swelling, more noticeable on one side of my face, but again, it was very minor. Bleeding was also very minimal, and only for the first day. Two of my biggest reliefs though, were the fact that I was not being sick after surgery (which I was after the first surgery) and that I was able to remove the nasal packing the day after surgery (instead of an entire week). This single-handedly made the experience this time around far more manageable. My cast was just removed, and whilst there is still quite a bit of swelling, things look great. I am very pleased at this point, and am amazed at how smoothly things have gone compared with my first surgery. Dr Alexander has been absolutely fantastic so far. He is very down to earth and personable, and it’s clear that he is up to date with advancements in this field of surgery.

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