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Will Retin-A Thicken Upper Eyelid Skin?

Does Retin-A 0.01% gel help thickening and plumping upper eyelid thin skin? My eyelids recently have got so thin, that I can see the enlarged veins... READ MORE

Can Retin-A Thicken Nasal Skin?

Is It Safe to Put Retin-A on a Patch of (1 Yr. Post-op) Thinned Nasal Skin to Thicken It? READ MORE

Can Retin A 0.1% have more benefits for collagen than 0.05%?

I know that 0.1 is better at exfoliating than 0.05, but is it also better at making the skin thicker? READ MORE

Is there something that can help make the skin thicker?

My mom is 75, mostly her arms and face skin is very thin. The smallest abrasion or nick, she bleeds. Is there something that will help with this? READ MORE

How to build up the strength of my skin? 45 y/o looking to thicken/strengthen skin, esp around eyes.

I feel like my skin is too delicate and sensitive and needs strength, maybe collagen. I've been told maybe Obagi .05 Retin-A & Obagi Blender FX... READ MORE

Do Vitamin C and Retin A thicken skin "in vivo" and how long does it take?

I was told by a skin care producer that my thinning skin needs Vitamin C and Retin A because they're the only products shown by research to actually... READ MORE

Can low strength Retin A cream be used thicken thin lower eyelid skin?

I have dark circles (vascular not pigment) and thin eyelid skin. Can the use of Tretinoin 0.025 cream , which I would then dilute with a bland... READ MORE

Retin-A peeled away many epidermal layers & shallow acne scarring is visible. If I discontinue, will layers grow back? (photo)

Will I ever get back the texture of my skin prior to retin-a use? My epidermal layer used to be thicker and acne scars were not visible prior to use,... READ MORE

Can Retin-A or laser resurfacing create enough collagen on the face to thicken it? (Photo)

I'm 34 yrs old and an ex smoker. I smoked 10/12 cigs a day for the last 7 years and my face has changed. I have Lose skin under my eyelids, loss of... READ MORE

Confusion: Retin-A Thins or Thickens Skin? Confusing.

I understand that it thins the upper layer and thickens the lower layer. So if i wants to thicken my thin skin, should i use? as it will again thin my... READ MORE

Skin, Retin A and Vitamin A?

Can you please explain how exactly Retin A thickens the skin and what is the difference between Ratin A and Vit A /from the practical point of view/?... READ MORE

What can I do to thicken my skin? Can I use Retin-A cream even though I'm 23 years old?

I always had facial veins visible from a young age but as I grew older they started to become more visible.I also got fairer than before and now my... READ MORE

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