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Retin-A Micro for Shallowly Indented Pimple Scars?

Hello, I have shallow indents in my skin from pimples. Will Retin-A Micro help to soften them? If not, what OTC products should I try to use before I... READ MORE

Can Retin-A Help with Indented Scar?

My daughter walked into a tree branch and scraped her forehead. The scratch was not deep or wide. I put Mupirocin on it. My concern now is that she... READ MORE

Can Retin-A Make the Skin Prone to Scarring?

There are some people on chat forums who are sure that retin-A caused their skin to scar, or made their skin prone to scarring. Is there any evidence... READ MORE

Will Retin-A Help Raised Scar in a Wound?

I had a eyebrow laceration 2 weeks ago which was minimally repaired in the ER. It now has a raised, thickened area for which the dermatologist I saw... READ MORE

Can Retin-A Make Older Scars (Rolling Scars) on my Cheek Worse?

The scarring is not a fresh scar. I would have to say its from over 4 yrs ago. Is this a safe product to be putting on this area? Im so afraid to... READ MORE

Can I Use Retin-A with Fresh Scars?

I have facial scars resulting from my dog pulling down onto a gravel driveway. The wounds are healed and I'm wondering if it's safe to resume... READ MORE

Retin-A for Body Scars Due to Excessive Picking?

I have an anxiety issue where I subconsciously pick at wounds until they scar horribly. I was told that Retin-A cream is good for scars. I already... READ MORE

Can Removing Make Up in a Sometimes Aggressive Rubbing Motion with a Make Up Wipe While on Retin-a Cause Scarring?

Hello, I have been using retin-a for about 3 and a half months. I was wondering if I should be removing my make up and flakiness from retin-a with a... READ MORE

Can prescription Retin-A (0.025%) fade scars on the body?

My dermatologist told me Retin-A fades scars and that for the body, it should be diluted with equal parts plain Cetaphil lotion because the skin on... READ MORE

Small Scar treatment. Any suggestions? (photos)

I was told to use retin-a on the scar I have rather than have fractional co2 laser treatment. The scar isn't big and what bothers me is just a smaller... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Hydroquinone & Retin-A?

I am of Indian descent. I have scars on my arms and legs. They are not raised. Just discoloured. I can get a prescription from my dr for 7% (or even... READ MORE

Can Retin-A Cause Shallow Scarring?

I've started using retin a and im noticing what look like very shallow patchy indents, once my skin starts flaking off. can retin a cause... READ MORE

I have shallow indented scars left behind after my breakouts - Is my retin a giving me scars?

I have been using retin a .1 for almost three months. When I get a pimple it dries it out and speeds up the process of getting rid of it nicely but... READ MORE

Will Retin-A help to flatten/reduce hypertrophic scarring from a deep chemical peel? (photos)

I had a phenol peel in january and it scarred me on my jawline, nose, and cheeks. It is a weird hard raised texture. I had a appointment with a... READ MORE

Retin A causing scars.

Retin a is causing me scars that were never there before.. Can this happen or is it just making them more visible as its exfoliating my skin .. This... READ MORE

Retin a micro 0.08% gel (1 week) and microneedling and prp.

I just started using retin-a micro 0.08% 1 week ago (3x a week), my skin looks lil smoother , ice pik scars look smaller, but i haven't reached the... READ MORE

Is Retin A Gel a good solution or is there a better option to deal with scars? (Photo)

I have scarred bumps (keloids?) from piercings that haven't gone away. My doctor prescribed Retin A Gel, but it burns my skin and causes peeling... READ MORE

What cream can I use daily to prevent redness and irritation after using tretinoin 0.05℅? (Photo)

I am currently using a skin bleaching cream called Roshini it is comebined with Tretinoin 0.05℅, Desonide 0.05℅ and Hydroquinone 6℅ prescribed for m... READ MORE

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