Can Retin-A Help with Indented Scar?

My daughter walked into a tree branch and scraped her forehead. The scratch was not deep or wide. I put Mupirocin on it. My concern now is that she has a line about 1 1/2 inches long with a width of less then a centimeter that is indented. Will the indention go away and can Retin-A help? It is about 2 weeks old and she is 8 years old.

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Retin-A Use

Thank you for your question! I would not use Retin-A to treat your indented mark.  Seek the advise of a dermatologist.  Best of luck!
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Retin-A cannot help indented scar

No. It cannot and may make things worse.

At the present time, the wound is in a process of remodeling which will go on for months you really do not want to interfere with it. You may want to photograph the scar today and go it again in 6 months.

I would advise you to keep a sunblock on the wound to reduce the likelihood of UV light mediated redness and in a few weeks to begin gentle massage of the scar. In 6 months, compare photos and asses where you are.

If you are pleased with the appearance, you are done. If not and the skin is soft / scar is healed, you may want to consult a Plastic surgeon to see if your daughter could benefit from scar revision to improve the appearance of the scar.

Good Luck.

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