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Can Retin-A Fade Freckles?

What effect will it have on freckles and whiteheads/ blackheads? READ MORE

Chemical Peels and Retin-A to Get Rid of Freckles?

I have freckles on my face and recently went to a dermatologist who recommended the following treatments: Aclaro PD morning and night, along with... READ MORE

What's a safe thing I can use on my face to get rid of freckles and age spots?

I am fair skinned (naturally) with freckles. But I tan very well and get very dark! I heard retin-a isn't good on the face if u have to be outdoors.... READ MORE

Freckles: Retin A with Obagi nu Derm blender?

 And which one should I go for, blender or clear for my freckles? READ MORE

I Put Retin A on a Freckle and It Caused It to Peel, Scab over? (photo)

I used Retin A on a large freckle it cause it to peel and scab over. The scab kept coming off when I took a shower. I I have been to a dermatologist... READ MORE

Lasting Ability of Hydroquinone results?

I am a 21 year old caucasian female with healthy, fair skin. My dermatologist recently started me on 4% Hydroquinone to use with my Retin-A, to fade... READ MORE

Can HQ 7% mixed with Kojic Acid 7% and clobetasol 1% help with wrinkles? (photo)

After using retin A .05% with hydroquinone 4% for freckles and sun spots for 3 weeks, suddenly I got wrinkles under my cheeks that I did not have... READ MORE

Why do off the face areas respond really slow to Retin-A or tretinoin?

I've been using 0.1% tretinoin cream on my hands and arms for sun damage, lines and freckles for at least two months. My skin on these areas never... READ MORE

Can my girlfriend use Retin-A without losing her pretty freckles? (Photo)

Hi, a friend wants to use Retin-A, mainly to clear blackheads and benefit from the anti-ageing effects. However, she is concerned the Retin-A will... READ MORE

Is 10% Hydroquinine safe?

I am a 45 year old woman with olive skin with some deep freckling/pigmentation. In the past, I have done Obagi and loved it, but my Derm said he could... READ MORE

Can retin-a help with freckles in a way that they don't come back?

I am using retinol with hydro quinine, as a prescription cream but after I stop using( as my skin gets irritated with prolonged use) it, freckles... READ MORE

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