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Can Retin-A Fade Freckles?

What effect will it have on freckles and whiteheads/ blackheads? READ MORE

Chemical Peels and Retin-A to Get Rid of Freckles?

I have freckles on my face and recently went to a dermatologist who recommended the following treatments: Aclaro PD morning and night, along with... READ MORE

What's a safe thing I can use on my face to get rid of freckles and age spots?

I am fair skinned (naturally) with freckles. But I tan very well and get very dark! I heard retin-a isn't good on the face if u have to be outdoors.... READ MORE

Can I use Retin-A on my legs, arms, and hands?

I am a 64 year old female with naturally freckeld skin. I have extensive photo aging on my legs, arms, chest, and hands - crepey skin, loss of... READ MORE

Freckles: Retin A with Obagi nu Derm blender?

 And which one should I go for, blender or clear for my freckles? READ MORE

I Put Retin A on a Freckle and It Caused It to Peel, Scab over? (photo)

I used Retin A on a large freckle it cause it to peel and scab over. The scab kept coming off when I took a shower. I I have been to a dermatologist... READ MORE

Lasting Ability of Hydroquinone results?

I am a 21 year old caucasian female with healthy, fair skin. My dermatologist recently started me on 4% Hydroquinone to use with my Retin-A, to fade... READ MORE

Why do off the face areas respond really slow to Retin-A or tretinoin?

I've been using 0.1% tretinoin cream on my hands and arms for sun damage, lines and freckles for at least two months. My skin on these areas never... READ MORE

Can HQ 7% mixed with Kojic Acid 7% and clobetasol 1% help with wrinkles? (photo)

After using retin A .05% with hydroquinone 4% for freckles and sun spots for 3 weeks, suddenly I got wrinkles under my cheeks that I did not have... READ MORE

Can my girlfriend use Retin-A without losing her pretty freckles? (Photo)

Hi, a friend wants to use Retin-A, mainly to clear blackheads and benefit from the anti-ageing effects. However, she is concerned the Retin-A will... READ MORE

Is 10% Hydroquinine safe?

I am a 45 year old woman with olive skin with some deep freckling/pigmentation. In the past, I have done Obagi and loved it, but my Derm said he could... READ MORE

Can retin-a help with freckles in a way that they don't come back?

I am using retinol with hydro quinine, as a prescription cream but after I stop using( as my skin gets irritated with prolonged use) it, freckles... READ MORE

I want to start using either vitamin c serums, ahas, retinoids, bhas, but I'm afraid they will make my freckles disappear?

I love my freckles but want to start using exfoliants or important serums to make other problem some things go away. Will these products make my... READ MORE

I've got 4 percent hydroquinone and 0.0025 Retin-A to remove freckles across my nose and cheeks, how do I apply it?

How to I apply? .I can not put the cream on each individual freckle that's impossible as I have hundreds and there I supposed to use the cream... READ MORE

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