What's a safe thing I can use on my face to get rid of freckles and age spots?

I am fair skinned (naturally) with freckles. But I tan very well and get very dark! I heard retin-a isn't good on the face if u have to be outdoors. My son is playing baseball the next 6 months and I will have to be outside. What will help fade these things? Wanna have clear skin again?

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Limit Sun Exposure

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The best way to minimize age spots and freckles is to limit your sun exposure, period.

Using Retin-A or any type of laser treatment to minimize the appearance of these spots increases your skin's sensitivity to light, making you more prone to burning if you are out in the sun often.

Make sure you are using a proper sunscreen or UV defense product when you are out enjoying your son's games.

Dr. Sanjiv Kumar MD
San Antonio TX

San Antonio Ophthalmologist

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