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Concerned About HQ, Want to Stop Obagi Nuderm. Is It Ok? (photo)

Hi, 3 days ago I started Obagi Nuderm. I started peeling a lot with redness and stinging. I'm 30, southeast asian but my great grandfather is dutch.... READ MORE

What is the Most Effective Strength for Topical Retin-a?

 I use 0.05% tetinoin cream which I'm told is the generic version of Retin-a. It works great on wrinkles and discoloration but I need something... READ MORE

PIH After Use of Retin-A on Thighs?

Hi, I'm 25 years old and I started using retin-a on my thighs for some discoloration I had. After a week of use I developed really brown, burnt skin.... READ MORE

How to Treat Bad Skin Reaction from Retin-a Micro?

I used retin-a micro on some parts of my body to treat kp, discoloration, scars, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, etc., but it only made it worse.... READ MORE

Does Retin-a cream suitable for early teenagers?

I'm 20 years old.. I have small pimples (seems like bleaching effects) on one side of my cheeks since two years..and also my skin became discolor... I... READ MORE

Tretinoin for Discoloured Skin?

I started using Tretinoin for flat warts and it worked like magic, I am very pleased. I noticed that before using it on my face, I used to have a tan... READ MORE

I am very sensitive to Retin-A, but I very much want to use it, or maybe Retinol?

I skipped days, etc. It was always the gel. I am now 61, w/ wrinkles & discoloration too. Any advice as to how I could use Retin-A? I'm also... READ MORE

How to improve the discoloration and hyperpigmentation when using Retin-A 0.05%

I have been using Retin a 0.05% for more than a month and recently my skins appear to have some melasma and redness like the result of sunburn... READ MORE

Retin-A for discoloration - no results after 7 weeks?

I've been using retin-a .1% for sunspots and acne marks for 7 weeks now. Zero results so far. When can I expect any sort of changes? READ MORE

Effective treatment for discoloration after liquid nitrogen Ak removal? Retin-A, Hydroquinone, over the counter Mederma? (Photo)

Hello - 6 weeks ago I had my most recent liquid nitrogen AK removal; close to 80 spots. I promise it was less painful than Effudex. In the past, I... READ MORE

I'm using tretinoin cream (0.05%) for my underarm discolouration. Is it safe?

I was initially prescribed this cream for my face, but I figured out using it on my pits would be the same thing... right? Didn't ask the... READ MORE

Is Retin-A cream ok for use on acne/discoloration from acne on butt cheeks?

I don't know if I'm using the term "acne" correctly or not. They are small, red bumps that usually have a white head. They go away pretty quickly but... READ MORE

Jan Marini Retinol Plus and Sunbeds Complication?

I have a wedding coming up and today I went to the sunbeds. I didn't want my face to be tanned as I'm a regular user of retinol and also had laser for... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation after use of Retin-A 3 days after a chemical peel?

Hi, i did a chemical peel on Thursday and than I have put my Retin-A cream on some spots on Sunday, because nobody has informed me that it might be... READ MORE

Retin-A or no?

I've been using Avene Retrinal eyes and Avene 0.1 on my face for about a year. In the last month I've noticed discoloration and redness onmy face. My... READ MORE

Retin-A with alpha hydroxy pads? (Photo)

Can I use an alpha hydroxy regimen along with retina a? I haven't started using retina a yet, but am using alpha hydroxy daily peel pads, and... READ MORE

I'm really frustrated and feel like I will never get this off my face? Even worse, I'm scared (Photos)

I'm scared that My skin won't be well again . I want to get rid of the discoloration and whatever holes there are .  Excuse my vulgar language .... READ MORE

Can I use tretinoin daily at night?

So from three weeks i'm doing this after washing i put moisturizer after 10min tretinoin 0.025% my doc said increase time d if u don't get any... READ MORE

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