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Does Using Retin-A During the Day Damage Skin?

I'm 20, and I used generic Retin-A 0.05% cream on my eye area/eyelids nightly for a few weeks, and used SPF 15 when I went out. For about a week I... READ MORE

Is Applying Retin-A Once a Night Too Much for the Skin?

I have heard that using Retin-A too often will eventually thin the skin. READ MORE

Retin-A for Under Eye Lines

I have lines under my eyes that im considering using retin a for. dr nicholas perricone says that anything that inflames the skin is bad for it which... READ MORE

Retin-A 0.05 has suddenly damaged my skin - wrinkles and huge pores everywhere.

Hi I am 25 and I started using retin a 0.05, after the 3rd use, my face became excessively oily and it would feel soo tight, glossy/shiny like my skin... READ MORE

How can I soothe my skin and undo the damage caused by Retin-A, which seems to be permanent at this point?

Used retin-a for 3 weeks, woke up on day 22 or so with the worst burning sensation I've ever felt in my face. Severely painful, severely red, and my... READ MORE

$200 down and I still have no answers about how to fix my damaged skin. It's transparent and unpigmented. Please help.

Used retin a generic on face yrs ago & it damaged the appearance of skin. 2 dermatologists said retin a doesn't cause permanent redness/ damage 2... READ MORE

Does Retinol 1.0 cream cause permanent damage?

I used a product per the advice from my dermatologist called Skin Medica, Retinol Complex 1.0 for sun damage spots and pre aging/wrinkles. I have used... READ MORE

I want to know if my skin care routine can be more damaging than beneficial to my face and if I should stop using anything?

I started using Retin a 0.025% this week. I use it every other night and apply Cerave after. When I'm not using the Retin A, I use a retinol 2.5,... READ MORE

Hello. Could You Please Let Me Know Whether I Have Permanently Damaged my Skin

Hello. Could you please let me know whether I have permanently damaged my skin by using Retin-A cream (0.025) Literally overnight 4 days ago I woke up... READ MORE

Is retinol damage permanent? I have lines between my now huge pores! (photos)

I'm 33 years old with fair skin.Im using a new product line by Rodan and fields to treat sun damage (12 days on) that includes a retinol product (no... READ MORE

What is the specific cause of damage I've experienced from using Retin-A ? (photos)

Hi I'm 22, male. I've been using Retin-A for 4 months, using a pea sized amount for entire face twice a week for the 1st month and gradually moving up... READ MORE

Can applying Retinol 1% under eyes cause permanent damage to under eye area?

Applied Skinceuticals retinol 1% mixed with moisturizer under eyes and now I have 100 times worse wrinkles , larger pores and extremely rough texture... READ MORE

Using Retin A .1% for stretch mark on bicep. Can I still lift weights or will the tissue rip more?

I have big stretch marks on my biceps from lifting and started using Retin A 0.1%. I am afraid that if I lift weights, it will damage and worsen the... READ MORE

I started retin A in January for about 3-4 weeks, and my face is HORRIBLE! Can retin A permanently damage your face? (Photo)

I went to dermatologist after I started seeing my face so broken out which it has never done! I got the retin a for crows feet and to avoid botox. I... READ MORE

Could the use of Silk'n Face FX Device after using Retin-A cause more wrinkling or damage skin around eyes?

I am 55 years old and have been using Retin-A Micro for four years. I put the cream under my eyes and on my crows feet. I am developing what appear to... READ MORE

My face is burnt from 2 days of 0.1% tretinoin gel. Will there be any long term damage? (Photo)

I used 0.1% tretinoin gel for 2 days and stopped 2 days ago after my skin became so sore. As you will see from the photos it is bright red, raw, shiny... READ MORE

Question about damage to skin after Retin-a? (photos)

I stopped Retin-a at about month 7 because my skin started to drastically change. I've been off now for 5 months. I now have huge pores, sagging skin,... READ MORE

Skin got darker, orange peel texture with Retin A. Any suggestions? (photos)

After five month of ratin a use my skin is really damaged.much darker, pigmentation got worse. Orange peel texture. Idintations that looks dark. I... READ MORE

What's a good treatment for a severely burned damaged skin on face from Retin A?

I am 23 years old and 7 months ago I severely burned my skin with retinA my skin is now hyper sensitive severly dry and tight and i have... READ MORE

Can you reverse the damage done by Retin-A on the under eyelids?

On two separate occasions, I applied Retin A (0.1%) under my eyes because I didn't know any better and thought it would make things look great and be... READ MORE

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