Restylane Videos

How To Rejuvenate The Facial Folds

Karen Whitney, PA talks about a treatment for the melolabial folds or nasolabial folds. VIEW NOW

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How to Rejuvenate the Lips and Lip Lines

Karen Whitney, PA talks about the best treatment for rejuvenating the Lips and Lip Lines. VIEW NOW

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Jowls and Jawline Nonsurgical Treatments

Karen Whitney, PA talks about the best treatment for the Jowls and Jawline. VIEW NOW


Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty Using Filler

Karen Whitney, PA talks about the treatment for nonsurgical Nose Reshaping VIEW NOW

Lower Eyelids and Tear Troughs Treatment

Karen Whitney, PA talks about the treatment for the important tear trough region of the lower eyelid. VIEW NOW

Combination Treatment for Mouth Lines and Lip Augmentation

Dr. Faraz Valaie corrects the wrinkles and smoke lines around this woman's mouth to enhance the transformation of her new pout. VIEW NOW

Lip Fillers to Restore a Youthful Pout

Dr. Faraz Valaie reshapes and plumps this woman's lips to give her back the youthful pout she had in her 20's. VIEW NOW

Wrinkle Treatment to Smooth Wrinkles and Lines on Your Face

Restylane Refyne and Defyne are the newest fillers from Galderma, which are designed to move with your face so the filler looks more natural. Dr. Leif Rogers' staff demonstrate an injection procedure using the two new fillers. VIEW NOW

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Restylane Refyne & Restylane Defyne: What Are These Fillers Used For?

Dr. Michael Law's nurse injector, Melissa, explains how Restylane Refyne and Restylane Defyne can help to rejuvenate the appearance of the low face. VIEW NOW

Lip Enhancement: Watch This Restylane Refyne Demonstration

Dr. Justin Harper shares this video of his master injector as she demonstrates Restylane Refyne, one of the latest Restylane lip filler products. VIEW NOW

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Deep Facial Enhancement With Dysport and Restylane Injections

Watch Dr. Matthew Sniegowski as he consults with a patient prior to treatment. He then performs a deep mid-face augmentation and works on the her marionette lines non-surgically. VIEW NOW

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The Effects of Using Hyaluronidase to Remove Filler

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews a woman's concern about filler placed in her forehead which ended up forming a bump. She wants to dissolve it with hyaluronidase, but is worried about it also dissolving her natural hyaluronic acid. VIEW NOW

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The Doctor Demystifies Botox, Fat Transfers, and Fillers

Dr. Darrick Antell explains the differences between Botox, facial fat transfers, and injectable fillers like Radiesse and Restylane as well as what each can be used for. VIEW NOW

Treat Dark Circles With a Filler Injection Under the Eyes

Dr. Elham Jafari is performing injection of hyaluronic acid filler, typically Belotero or Restylane, under the eyes using flexible microcannula to treat dark circles and bags under the eyes. VIEW NOW

Ask the Doctor, Episode 1: What Lip Filler Is Right for Me?

Dr. Shaun Patel answers the question, "Which lip filler is right for me?" He explains in this video how he goes about choosing which filler to inject into a patient's lips. His choices are Juvederm Ultra, Volbella, Restylane, and Restylane Silk. VIEW NOW