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53 and I noticed those darn pesky folds along the sides of my nose - Loved the Results - Walnut Creek, CA

I am 53 and I noticed those darn pesky folds along the sides of my nose. I did some research and then was lucky to find an excellent doctor. My 'Doubting Thomas' husband thought it was a waste of time and good money, but he went with me. (I previously had Botox and he did not see any great... READ MORE

I Finally Did It!

I had been obsessing about my upper lip and laugh line for a long time. I looked in my Seattle Magazine for who Seattle thinks is a top rated Dermatologist in the area. I found my doctor in downtown Seattle and set up my apt. What could it hurt, I knew it would dissolve eventually if I didn't... READ MORE

OK if You've Got Money to Burn Every 6 Months - Portland, OR

It was great at first but didn't last. If you can afford to come up with the cash every 6-8 months or so, you can get those lines taken care of. Otherwise, it's a little harsh on the budget for a few months of not seeing those fine lines. I can't afford it and I basically threw my money away. READ MORE

Not Sure About Restylane Yet...especially the Price! (Marionette Lines and Fine Lines Around Mouth)

I had it done today, so too soon to tell. I kind of like the result...had marionette and a few fine lines around the mouth done. It looks nicely filled, but I'm concerned about the vein-like bump from the filler, and am in pain so don't want to smooth it, guess I have to though...The injections... READ MORE

Upper Lips Treated with Injectables for Fine Lines from Smoking/Looks Great

The doctor  used 8 units of Botox at $10 per unit with a half syringe of Restylane and allowed me to bring back the other half of the Restylane syringe for another treatment 3-4 months later. Smokers lines are gone, and not only do I feel great about the results: I can also afford to keep... READ MORE

Lumps Caused by Restylane Injections

I have lumps and change of texture on my midface from restylane that was injected a little over two years ago. A doctor injected an enzyme to disolve the restylane but the lumps are still present.Is there a way to remove lumps that have persisted for two years caused by Restylane? READ MORE

Pleased with my Restylane for Sagging Nasolabial Folds (Late 40s)

At age 47, I had some mild sagging in my nasolabial areas on my deep wrinkles, however. After several consults with a variety of different doctors, I opted for Restylane. My first syringe cost $400, but we only used half of it, and 6 months later, I went back for the other half. I... READ MORE

Restylane Not So Great for Smile Lines (47 Y/o)

I am 47 and I've been thinking about this for a couple of years. I visted one Dermatologist who prefers Radiesse and told me that to just inject the NL folds or smiles lines without addressing some of the fat loss in cheeks, tends to drag down the mouth more. I thought that was a line and a ploy... READ MORE

Need Help

I have alot of bruising. i really didn't see much results. i had it done to get rid of my vertical lines.very disapointed spent to much money.does carboxytherapy work for under eye circles? i had one treatment. READ MORE

Under my eyes and in my laugh lines - Restylane Injections

I received Restylane injections under my eyes and in my laugh lines. The doctor put too much under my eyes and although it was smooth and gave my cheek bones some lift, it was a bit too swollen under my eyes. She removed some but did a lousy job and it looked like i had 2 track marks under one... READ MORE

My Experiences with Restylane

I've tried Restylane several times for various areas of my face: around the eyes, vertical frown lines from nostrils to lips, on my chin for ( ) lines. Each time the amount of down time far exceeded what the doctor said it would be. The first time, I thought it was because I did it combined... READ MORE

Restylane is Alright,it You Can't Afford a Mini Lift

It is 600 1 syringe. I paid 1200 for an extra for touch ups, my choice. It ia alright filled in the lines well. I'm 53 and they told me I should wait for the lift, I really didn't need it. I know i'll still get the mini lift, but this was ok in the mean time, not what i really wanted but you are... READ MORE

Restylane Was Not Worth It Under the Eyes

I wanted to get Restylane under my eyes for small wrinkles. I did not know how much down time I would have and the results were nothing like I was told.  I look like I have bags under my eyes and it is so bruised.  I am trying to get it taken care of but even 1 week later it is not... READ MORE

Restylane Better Than Botox (In my Opinion)

I was more scared of what I read than what I actually experienced! The dr. gave me two shots of novacain/lidocaine and I immediately felt numb. The Restylane was barely felt - slight pinch/burn on a couple of the injections. I am almost 38 and a natural rehead (fair skin) The wrinkles which... READ MORE

Moderately Good Results

Had it done for my nasolabial folds...i had these fine lines and thought i should remove it while its still not deep...there was little pain but i developed mild rashes with the first injection, the second touch up injection was relatively uneventful though...had some milia like reaction on the... READ MORE

Restalyn Filled in my Expression Lines

About a year ago my dermatologist convinced me to switch from Botox to Restylane. She promised that it would last longer and give me a more natural appearance for clearing my "expression lines" (for about the same price!). Sounded good, and I went ahead with the injections (2). ... READ MORE

Not a Good Thing to Do...

I had been getting many laser treatments for redness / rosacea. I also have a very sensitive body to chemicals etc. This day I had both laser and Restalyn/Perlane injections on the same day. I believe my body did not like the injections.. my face would change shape at times and the rosacea was... READ MORE

Restylane - Results Not Worth the Pain

I had Restylane injected into the folds of my nose and smile lines around my mouth. First, it was expensive but I thought it was worth it if it really worked. Second, it hurt worse than I ever expected. Third, I was really disappointed in the results. I couldn't tell I had anything done... READ MORE

Had the eye hollows filled out 4 days ago. - Great Results - Montreal

Had the eye hollows filled out 4 days ago, I swelled a bit, but next day, no more swelling, but I have a bruise below left eye. Still not gone after 4 days, but lighter. The results are wonderful, my children say I look much younger, and I am extremely pleased with the results. MY eyes look... READ MORE

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