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Can I Get Restylane with Autoimmune Thyroiditis?

I have autoimmune thyroiditis with hypofunction (corrected by L-thyroxin). I read that due to autoimmune condition Restylane injections are not... READ MORE

Does Restylane Cause...

There is a warning on the label, or the info sheet, apparently, that restylane can cause autoimmune diseases such as lupus, dermatomyositis,... READ MORE

I'm 52 and have hashimotos thyroid. I had restylane 7 years ago, and would like to do it again. Would it be risky?

I've read some things and I am confused as to weather there is any risks of creating an autoimmune disease. I am in general good Health. READ MORE

Safest lip filler for someone with an auto-immune disease?

1. Is restylane (or any other lip filler) safe for people with an auto immune disease (currently in remission)? 2. How effective, aesthetic & safe... READ MORE

Are Restylane injections okay for someone with auto immune disease?

I've recently been diagnosed with very mild Polychondritis. It's not currently active, I'm ANA negative, and current E-Sed and CRP rates are normal.... READ MORE

Restylane and autoimmune disease?

Hello! I have very deep tear troughs and darkening under the eyes. I was looking into fillers but I am not sure if they are a safe procedure for me as... READ MORE

Fillers didn't last; could auto immune disease be the problem? The illness is scleroderma/systemic sclerosis.

Restylane inj 2cc's used in total. The 1st time was 1 1/2 cc's the next was 1/2 cc & each time the product was absorbed almost completely in 5-7 days;... READ MORE

I am interested in Restylane for tear trough, is there a link between Restlyane and autoimmune disorders?

I had a reaction to Botox. I had leukocytoclastic vasculitis confirmed by biopsy, fever, fatigue, worsening of Fibromylagia for 5 months. READ MORE

Autoimmune disease. Can I get a softlift or Restylane?

I have Stills Adult. Its an autoimmun desiase. I havtn been able to get any answers, about if I can do a softlift (V) with threads OR to get Restylane... READ MORE

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